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Sourcing Spare Parts

Motorhomes are mechanical and, as such, they’re reasonably prone to breaking down after a certain period of time. Often parts get loose and as a motorhome continues to run that loose part starts to wear other parts, bringing the whole drive train ultimately out of sync. There’s no reason that wear and tear should be the end for your motorhome however, there are plenty of suppliers of spare parts who can help you replace those components which do wear down. How should you source spares, and where are the best places to find them?

Your Dealer

The first port of call should be your motorhome dealer for two reasons. Firstly, your dealer is more than likely to be able to buy exactly the right part at a trade price much quicker than you could by yourself. Secondly, there’s a possibility that your dealer can service your motorhome under warrantee, particularly if it’s not very old. Even if your motorhome is not officially covered by a particular warrantee your dealer may give you a helping hand with the costs.

Other Suppliers

If you’re out on the road, it’s not always possible to get to an official dealer and sometimes there’s no other option than the local garage. Most places will be absolutely fine, but if they are not a specialist motorhome dealer it’s worth just making sure the quality is up to scratch. You can always get a second opinion if you’re worried.

Buy Yourself

The final option is sourcing parts yourself. Though you might get a great deal on second-hand parts or though buying directly, it’s only really recommended if you know what you’re doing. Fitting the wrong part yourself could do more harm than good and will almost certainly invalidate your motorhome insurance. Buy with care, fit with caution.

Spare parts are easy enough to get hold of if you know where to look. Always talk to your dealer as a first port of call and make sure you maximise any warrantee cover you have. Otherwise, all other approved servicing points will be fine, and if you are thinking of buying yourself, make sure you do your research.

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