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Spring mattress manufacturer coiled to take car seat trade by surprise

Campervan enthusiasts may be sitting on slimmer, more comfortable seats in the future if a partnership between a motor accessory maker from the USA and a spring manufacturer from Yorkshire bears fruit.

Simon Spinks, managing director of Harrison Spinks, a well known spring mattress maker in Leeds, West Yorkshire has invented a new micro sized coiled spring that has set alight an industry that has been producing springs in the same way for around 500 years. The invention has attracted the attention of Johnson Controls, the world’s largest manufacturer of car seats, who believe the springs will revolutionise the production and shape of car and motorhome seats in the future.

Johnson Controls say that seats made from the springs will allow them to make seats that are thinner, more comfortable and easier to recycle. This will lead to emissions from vehicles with the seats fitted being lowered and the foam filling traditionally used in seat manufacture being replaced by easier to recycle steel springs. Although no comment has yet been made from insurance companies it is reasonable to assume that a more comfortable driver is less likely to have an accident and that in the future motorhome insurance on vehicles with the new seats fitted may become cheaper.

Paul Elliot, vice president of Johnson Controls, said “Mr. Spinks’ new springs are a great innovation that has the potential to change completely the way car seat makers create their active seating surface. We are very excited by what the new springs have to offer. Back in Leeds Mr. Spinks who has never studied engineering said the springs were just one of thousands of thoughts about springs and coils he has on a daily basis and is delighted that this one will benefit the company and drivers so much.”

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