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Starting a Custom Build

Motorhome owners get a lot of different things from motorhomes; some simply love the pleasure of the freedom that camping offers and find it a cost effective way to see the world, but there are plenty who revel in the technical details of different sorts of motorhomes. If you’re of the latter group, the dream is very likely to be a custom build motorhome: but it can be incredibly difficult to find inspiration for design. Where should you start if you’re thinking of building your own motorhome?

Paper and a Pen

The first thing to do is to start by getting your ideas on a page; that doesn’t mean you have to be a master sketcher, just write down what you want from a motorhome. Think about the number of bedrooms you need, the sort of space you have available to you and the extra features you want. Inevitably, there will be compromises, but writing down your thoughts can help you visualise the process.

Talk to an Expert

Use as much of the information available to you as possible when in the planning stages; talk to anyone you know of who may have undertaken a similar project and seek any advice you can. Use online forums too to get specific with advice: no doubt someone, somewhere will have completed a very similar build to yours and may be able to warn you on some of the finer points of a conversion or custom build.

Make a Proper Costing Plan

From the start make sure you have a good spreadsheet detailing a budget and a potential timescale. Don’t forget to factor in things like the cost of applying for licensing, motorhome insurance and tools, as they will all add considerably to your total cost and there’s no point building a motorhome you can’t afford to run. Make sure you add some contingency to your budget too; costs will always end up being more than you expected.

Converting or custom building a motorhome is one of the most exciting things you can do and it really is a project to be proud of. Spend as much time as possible on the planning process, though, and you’ll end up with a high quality machine rather than encountering problems half way through.

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