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Taking Account for Local Regulations


There are common-sense laws that perpetuate all areas of the world and things like speed limits, no-entry signs and height restrictions all translate pretty well across different countries and different cultures. However, it’s not wise to assume this is the case for all regulations: what applies in the UK doesn’t always work elsewhere in the world. Here are a few tips on some of the local regulations that you might not have been aware of otherwise…

Wild Camping

Wild camping is acceptable in most of the UK, providing you’re not on private or restricted land, but that’s not true in Europe. The Netherlands, for example, has an explicit ban on wild camping and the authorities very keen to stop and fine anyone who tries to camp illegally. It’s always worth checking before you travel.

Alcohol and Driving

Drink driving regulations vary from country to country, and those in the UK are actually quite lenient. Most drivers can legally get away with a glass of wine or a small beer back home, but elsewhere you may find yourself in a different situation. In some countries the limits are practically nil, so make sure you know before you travel. Police are likely to come down very hard on drink drivers, especially if you’re in control of a motorhome.

Accidents and Insurance

You will need to know how to deal with an incident abroad and you will need to make sure your motorhome insurance is valid in the country you’re travelling in. Some areas will require you to have full breakdown assistance before taking to the road, so ensure you’re up to date and fully covered – it’s not worth taking any risks when it comes to recovery.

There’s no way to cover all the possible laws you might encounter on your travels, but you do need to have an awareness of the sorts of things that vary from country to country. It’s a wise idea to check out motorhome forums and blogs before you go to see if they have any specific information to offer, but otherwise use discretion and always air on the side of caution. Plus, if you’re not sure, just ask!

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