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The Return of the Forecourt Attendant

Motorhome owners across the UK will be treated to a little extra attention in hundreds of Shell garages from now on, as the giant oil manufacturer prepares to re-introduce a service that has been missing from garage forecourts for many years.

From this weekend, over 300 Shell filling stations will have forecourt attendants on duty at some point of the day. The attendants who have been trained by the AA over the last few weeks will offer a range of services to the motorist and it will be a completely free service. The attendants have been trained to carry out basic checks on many mundane vehicle service routines such as tyre tread, tyre condition, and oil levels and screen wash. They will also give advice on which fuel to use, which may cut down on the 9% of motorists who fill up their vehicle with the wrong type of fuel.

At a time when motoring costs, including motorhome insurance, have never been higher, some question whether providing the new service will just add to the price of fuel, but Shell deny this and point out that the new attendants will also be trained to give advice on fuel economy and efficiency. Certainly Edmund King, President of the AA, who helped train the attendants, welcomes the idea saying “The introduction of forecourt attendants to Shell sites is a welcome move for motorists across the UK. Our work in training the new Shell attendants to become the front line on road safety and motoring advice will be a great help to UK drivers, and make our roads a safer place. We salute the return of the forecourt attendant, a great reminder of the golden age of motoring.”

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