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Top Tips for Urban Camping

Urban CampingA quick search of ‘motorhomes’ will bring up plenty of idyllic country images, beautiful blue skies and muddy fields and, for a lot of people, that’s perfect. However, camping doesn’t have to be about the great outdoors and plenty of people use motorhomes as a great way to see cities without having to worry about high hotel prices and expensive meals out. How can you make the best of urban camping and see all the city you want to see?

Sort out your Transport Links

You won’t find many campsites within cities themselves so it’s more than likely that you’ll have to travel in to wherever you want to see. It’s wise to pick a campsite that has a good link to a train station that’s not too far away from your destination. Some campsites may offer shuttle buses to the City, particularly in places like Paris, so investigate your options before booking.

Be Careful with Parking

Cities are usually riddled with parking problems for cars and the problems are much worse for motorhomes. Often underground car parks are barred with height restrictions and on street parking comes with limits and permits. Theft is also a serious danger in the city so make sure you have your motorhome insurance policy handy and you’re parked in safe, public areas.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Driving a motorhome in a city is not simply a case of setting the sat-nav and getting on your way. Height restrictions, width restrictions, cobbles and bus lanes are all a part of modern cities, so don’t assume you can travel everywhere you need to. Pay extra attention to signs and, if in doubt, pull over safely and take a look at the map.

Urban camping isn’t for everyone, but once you get to know the links and how to get around it can be a fantastic way of seeing some remarkable cities on a tight budget.

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