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Using Campervans in your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life, which means that most people try to make them as original and memorable as possible. Having a campervan feature in your wedding day is a great way to achieve this, and we have already seen a large number of people come up with some wonderfully creative ideas. So if you are thinking about having campervan feature in your big day but are not sure where to start, try our simple yet effective ideas:

Get me to the Church on Time

One of the most obvious ways to include a campervan on your wedding day is to use it as your main form of transport. As campervans are usually extremely roomy, there will be no issue when it comes to the bride, bride’s father and all the bridesmaids fitting in – even if the womens’ dresses are absolutely huge! If you are a particularly big campervan fan then you could even hire two or three campervans to take guests from your wedding venue to your reception venue, of course making sure that the ones for guests are coloured differently than the one for the bride and groom. You need to be the centre of attention on your wedding day!

Photo Opportunities

If you are currently planning your big day then you have probably already spent hours poring over websites and magazines looking for some great photography ideas. Photo booths in particular are extremely popular these days, so why not make the most out of your campervan and use it for photo opportunities? Setting up a camera in a campervan is relatively easy, and you could even add props such as wigs, funny hats and chalk boards where guests can write messages. You can also arrange to have a professional photographer take pictures of you and your partner in the campervan, which will look especially beautiful if you are going for a rustic wedding feel.

Food and Drink

You may not automatically associate food and drink with campervans, however they are actually a fantastic place to serve nibbles and drinks to your guests. As campervans are quite large they are easy to equip with crates of drinks or food, and your guests will easily be able to see where to get their refreshments. If you are thinking about going really retro, you could even decorate your campervan to look like a 1950s ice cream truck and serve tasty treats to your guests throughout the day. This idea in particular will be extremely popular with some of the younger members of your wedding!

Party Favours and Decorations

Campervans don’t just have to feature in vehicle form on your big day, in fact you can buy or create a number of campervan themed objects for your wedding. Depending on how much of a campervan fan you are, you can include a campervan themed wedding cake, campervan themed bunting, or even little campervan key rings as party favours for your guests. Don’t forget that everything doesn’t need to be completely campervan themed, for instance you can also have a nature theme and bring your campervan ideas into that. Whatever you include depends on your personal taste and how creative you are, so make sure you search around and try and get as many ideas as possible!

Your Honeymoon

Campervans don’t only have to feature in your wedding, in fact many people these days go on campervan journeys for their honeymoons. The great thing about campervan honeymoons is that you can hire a campervan from a range of companies with campervan insurance included, meaning that they are quick and easy to arrange. Campervan holidays are also relatively cheap compared to flying to an exotic location, and they can be much more exciting as you can visit a range of destinations throughout your honeymoon. You could start your married life camping in vineyards in the South of France, then heading over to Barcelona for some Spanish shopping before finally relaxing on a beach in Portugal!


Are you thinking about using campervans on your big day? If so, comment below and let us know your ideas!

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