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Why spending a Campervan Holiday with your Family is the best!

Travelling in your campervan with your family can be one of the most relaxing and fun filled holidays you can go on if you do it right! With a wide variety of activities and places to see, you will never get bored. You can plan your campervan holiday to be exactly what you want it to be. It could be jam packed with fun or relaxing and laid back with time to chill out. Here are 5 reasons why spending a campervan holiday with your family is the best!

Children love camping and being in the outdoors and this is why travelling in a campervan is ideal because you get the benefits of camping but it comes with far more luxury than a staying in a tent. When planning your campervan holiday you can adapt plans to fit all ages. The young ones can be surrounded by playgrounds, other children and potentially even entertainment depending on where you are staying. For adults there could be long walks, beautiful views and time to spend with the family. Going on a campervan holiday is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors with plenty of fresh air It gives children lots of time outdoors playing with siblings or friends and it also give you time relax and clear your head.

Don’t over plan your holiday because it is a great feeling to be flexible. You have the ability to either stay where you are or move around if you want to. It isn’t a normal holiday; there is no rush to move on from where you are based if you don’t want to. Campervan holidays can be for viewing the scenery from the inside of your campervan or exploring. It’s your holiday to make of it what you want to.

If you choose to stay on a campsite with other people, the children can run off with their new friends and by setting up the campervan where you can see your them play you are able to spend your time doing what you want to. Your child can thrive with the freedom they have.

Organising family treats is a great idea as you can all have activities or days out to look forward to whilst on your trip. This could include visiting the local theme park, waterpark or even just going to see the evening entertainment at the complex. Many campervan sites will have entertainment including bingo, karaoke or performances. These trips can also be educational for you and your children. Whilst on the road you could play story books on the sound system and day trips can include historical monuments or museums.

If you take away the Wi-Fi, televisions, iPad and iPhone’s your children will have plenty to enjoy in the outdoors. Children can create memories with new people and may even learn some life skills on the way. Throwing sticks in the river could become their preferred way of having fun rather than angry birds on the iPad! (Though they can be handy for those rainy days!)

Our advice for making it extra special. Try to experience things that you would never experience at home. Go out of your way to do something that you wouldn’t have the chance to do normally.

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