Snow on Motorhome

Winter Servicing

January is in full swing and with some hard frost in some parts of the country this morning, heading out on a camping trip is probably well off most people’s agendas. Even though it’s cold during the winter that’s no reason to neglect your motorhome or campervan and you’ll more than likely need to take it for a winter service.

Why do I need a service?

Especially if you’re not planning to use your motorhome during the winter a service is vital. The cold, wet and frost can affect the mechanics and cosmetics of your motorhome and just leaving it sitting until the summer will make any problems you have worse.

What do I need to do?

In most cases a winter service is a quick job. For a campervan or motorhome a quick run of the engine to warm it up is a good idea along with a splash of oil, screen wash (with antifreeze) and brake fluid to check the drive train is all going strong. You’ll want to run some of your appliances, your oven or fridge and check carefully for mould and damp that might be creeping in to your furnishings: that applies to you caravan owners too!

Common problems

Though newer motorhomes are generally well protected, older vehicles might have only very small problems with surface damage. Though these aren’t really noticeable in the summer, they can be subjected to freeze thaw and can cause rust or problems in your bodywork. Your drive train, like any car, is subject to freezing up and thawing and you might have problems with your starter motor or spark plugs if you don’t start your motorhome for too long.

A professional service can be a wise idea and many mechanics companies offer good deals for motorhomes, campervans and caravans throughout the winter and if you do suffer any problems you might want to look at claiming on your Motor Home Insurance. Do make sure you keep your motorhome well serviced; poor care can lead to big problems and big costs in the long term.

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