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Your Guide to Summer Holiday Success

Image of CampervanPlanning any summer holiday can sometimes be challenging as you naturally want it to be as perfect as possible. In fact, as soon as summer is over most people are counting down the days until next year, planning where to go and what to do. This is why we are giving you a helping hand to guarantee summer holiday success when planning your next campervan trip!

Planning your Trip

Some people like to use their campervan trips as a chance to experience the freedom of travelling around the country with no worries, however the truth is a bit of planning is always a good idea. Jeremiah Mahadevan from Practical Motorhome Magazine said: “The whole point is to explore, but I normally plan a rough route using Google maps and then book the first two or three nights, or at least the first night. If you are travelling during the summer holidays, it can be harder to just turn up at a campsite.”

In the summer, if you decide to travel with just your partner you will probably have the opportunity to park up and explore anytime you like, however if you are with your children or a group then it’s definitely beneficial to book in advance to guarantee a spot for your campervan.

Top Tip: Plan your journeys so that your children are likely to fall asleep when you are on the road, that way they’ll be fully rested when you arrive at your destination!

Buying or renting?

We all know that buying a campervan can be an expensive investment, which is why most owners use theirs throughout the year. The cost of maintenance and storage during the winter months can often add up, but the good news is there are other options! For example, you could purchase a second hand campervan which hold their value well and last a long time especially if they are looked after properly.

Another option is to rent a campervan for your trip, and even though this may seem like a costly decision at first it’s actually great value for money compared to paying for hotels, hire cars and eating out. The price of a campervan varies depending on size and the country you are renting in, however in the UK it costs around £60 to £80 per night for a two-berth campervan.
Top Tip: When buying or renting a campervan don’t forget to note down the little extras including the cost of petrol, food and general bits and bobs!

Keeping Costs Down

If you have ever planned a summer holiday before you will know that prices usually increase during this time. Campsites generally make most of their money in the summer months however if you book in advance you could get a great deal. Brokers can also help you find cheaper deals for your campervan holiday as well as tips on what to do when you get there!

Top Tip: If you are renting a campervan choose an unlimited mileage deal because if you go over the mileage provided you may end up with a nasty charge. It’s better not to have the worry!

Free Camping

Apparently some things in life are free! This is also known as wild camping however you must check the law wherever you go as it changes from country to country. In the UK and Wales wild camping is not allowed but it is in Scotland and some European countries.

Mahadevan advises to: “Find out about the laws in the country you are planning to visit. If you decide on wild camping, try not to block other people’s views and think about safety issues. You might find you have problems with local trouble makers if you choose a spot in the wrong area.”

Top Tip: If you are planning on visiting France there is a scheme called “France Passion” which advertises farms and vineyards that you can park up at for free if you are a member.

Check your Driving Licence

Campervans and small motorhomes are most likely to be covered by a standard driving licence however you should always double check. Ethnee Iles of Motorhome Germany says: “European laws are very strict about this – if a vehicle weighs 3,495kg and the driver’s licence is for 3,000 kilos, the vehicle will not be released on day of pick up.”

Hopefully our above tips will ensure that you have the summer holiday of a lifetime, however we would also love to know your top tips in our comments section below or our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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