Comfort Travel Insurance

We offer a bespoke travel policy catering specifically for leisure vehicle owners and their lifestyle.

Comfort Policy Summary

  • Annual Multi Trip (AMT), Single Trip and Long stay cover
  • Emergency medical and associated expenses cover up to £10,000,000
  • Personal Accident Cover of £15,000
  • Cancellation, curtailment and/or trip interruption cover up to £3,500
  • Legal expenses and advice cover up to £25,000
  • AMT cover for up to 183 days abroad with 91 days per single trip
  • Optional covers for winter sports
  • Personal Liability of up to £2,000,000                          
  • Cover available for European and Worldwide destinations
  • Pet cover for when you take your pet abroad with you

If you would like to find out more about our travel insurance please call us on 0808 168 0141 or  Request a Callback

  • What type of policy do I need?

    If you’re planning to travel more than once a year, then our Annual policy may be ideal and work out cheaper for you than buying several single trip policies. Our Annual policy covers you for an unlimited amount of trips, including 183 days abroad, and you up to 91 days per trip.

    When should I start my annual travel insurance policy?

    For annual travel insurance policies, full cover comes into effect from the date you start the policy (rather than the date of your first trip), so please choose to start your policy immediately to protect yourself against cancellation of a trip you already have booked in the future.

    What is the longest period of time that I can have cover for?

    You can buy a single trip policy for the number of days you are going away – from 1 day up to 91 days. Our annual cover is as outlined above.

    I have an existing medical condition; can I still have cover under this policy?

    We operate a fit to travel policy which operates on the following basis:

    To be covered, You must be healthy, fit to travel and to undertake Your planned Trip;

    1. The insurance will NOT cover You when You are travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner (or would be travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner had You sought his/her advice);
    2. The insurance will NOT cover You when You are travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment or consultation abroad;
    3. The insurance will NOT cover You if You have any undiagnosed symptoms that require attention or investigation in the future (that is symptoms for which You are awaiting investigations/consultations, or awaiting results of investigations, where the underlying cause has not been established).
    4. The insurance will NOT cover You if You or anyone to be insured on this policy have been given a terminal prognosis.


    Can you arrange travel insurance for someone who is not travelling from the UK?

    We are only able to insure people who are travelling from the UK and returning to the UK. Travellers from outside of the UK will require insurance from that country or through a broker.

    Do I need to take my policy with me when travelling?

    Yes, we recommend you take your policy booklet and schedule on holiday with you so that you can refer to it if necessary.

    Do you cover my car if it breaks down when I am travelling in Europe?

    Our travel policy does not cover car breakdown and you should insure yourself separately with a European Breakdown Policy.

    I have an annual policy. What happens at renewal?

    About 21 days before your policy is due for renewal, you will receive a letter from us with details of your cover for the next year and usually your new premium.

    What is an EHIC card and when do I need it?

    The department of health needs to make sure that UK travellers in Europe now carry the new European Health Card (EHIC), which has recently replaced the E111. This will provide you with cheaper or free state-provided medical treatment in most European countries. For more information or to apply for your free EHIC visit If you use an EHIC to reduce the cost of your medical treatment in Europe and we successfully recover 75% or more of any amounts we have paid on your behalf, you will not have to pay the excess.

    What is my excess?

    The excess is the amount you must pay towards any claim. The basic excess on all our Travel Insurance policies is £40.

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aviva_logoComfort Insurance has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Aviva and many of our products are jointly developed with the UK’s largest insurer. We are committed to ensuring you get the right cover for you and your motorhoming lifestyle.

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