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Whilst modern motorhomes are designed to be used all year round, some owners choose to store their vehicles for periods of time, typically during the winter months. Read on to find out more about how to store your motorhome or campervan. Get some useful tips on what to do when bringing your motorhome out of a lengthy period of storage and find out what you can do to make your vehicle secure. Find out more…

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Motorhome Security Tips and Hacks

Motorhomes and campervans have had a renaissance in public perception since the emergence of coronavirus and the increased popularity of staycations. Many people who tried ‘van-life’ for the first time have resolved to purchase their own recreational vehicle and demand has peaked over the last 2 years. According to an article in the Daily Express…
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Pros and Cons of Owning a Motorhome – Storage Hacks & Tips

Motorhomes provide the ultimate source of freedom to travel and explore where and when you want to. From local weekend trips away, to staycations in the UK, or travelling further afield across Europe, a motorhome provides the perfect way of ‘getting away from it all’ surrounded by your home from home comforts. Whilst it would…
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Motorhome Security Top Tips

Motorhomes have never been more popular in the UK – new registrations increased by 83% between 2009 and 2018, and the 14,655 new motorhome registered in 2018 represented an all-time high according to figures from the National Caravan Council. And it looks like 2019 is set to be another bumper year, as moving annual total…
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Fun Packing Ideas for your next Motorhome Holiday

Packing is not most people’s idea of fun, however it’s one of those things we all have to do before heading off in our motorhomes. The problem with packing is that it can become extremely stressful. What if you forget something important? How are you supposed to make room for everything? What happens if something…
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damp damage

Damp Damage for Motorhome Owners

We’re all aware of the possible damages that damp can cause in our homes, but damp isn’t something that’s exclusive to bricks-and-mortar properties. Motorhomes, due to their exposure to the elements and the fact they are self-contained, often open-plan living arrangements, suffer from damp just as frequently as houses. Fortunately, damp is reversible and treatable,…
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Brake Maintenance for your Motorhome

Your brakes are essential to the well-being of your motorhome, without well-functioning brakes not only will you be very unlikely to get an MOT or motorhome insurance, but you’re almost certainly going to be stuck with a motorhome that’s completely unsafe to drive. When it comes to brakes there should be no shortcuts taken; a…
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