Campervan Insurance From £220

We provide campervan insurance to suit all budgets and styles including classic, converted and imported vans. Our specialist cover is tailored to fit campervan life; you can get a quote online for most models and our prices start from just £220 - over 12% of our campervan insurance policyholders paid this amount or less for their annual premium between 1st August 2019 and 31st July 2020*

At Comfort Insurance, we boast more than 30 years of experience within the industry, so you can be sure that we’ll secure the most comprehensive campervan insurance that money can buy. We’re experts in our field; we understand the importance of protecting your pride and joy and keeping it on the road.

To get started, please select your campervan style from the icons shown below. We’ll then ask you questions specific to your vehicle to ensure you are provided with the right cover. For professional and private campervan conversions, Japanese imports and self-built or home-built campervans, we will need to see images of your vehicle. Details of how to do this are shown below.

Getting a campervan insurance quote online with us is easy. If you’d prefer to speak to one of our friendly team, you can give us a call on 0208 9840 666 or get a quote in a matter of moments.


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Which types of campervan insurance can we offer?

Campervan conversion insurance and other forms of cover

Our extensive range of policies, from a choice of selected insurance underwriters, means we can cover:

  • Professional campervan conversions
  • Bespoke campervan conversions
  • Imported Japanese campervans
  • Self-built and home-built campervans

We just need to see images of your vehicle as well as your gas certificate and habitation check to make a proper assessment. Please fill in the form below, attaching four photos of the inside and four photos of the outside of your vehicle and a copy of your gas certificate or habitation check.

Your vehicle will need to be registered as a motorcaravan or a van with side windows. If you do not have this we will allow up to eight weeks to have this completed. We will then call you to take you through a quote with the information that you have provided.

Get a campervan insurance quote today

Campervan insurance that’s right for you

At Comfort Insurance, we are proud of our expertise in campervan insurance, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We know how important it is for you to keep your campervan on the road and to get things back up and running if things go wrong.

As campervanners ourselves, we’ve tailored our products to tick all of the boxes for our customers, whether you want to drive around the country for a week or across the whole of Europe for a few months.

Our campervan insurance starts from just £220, so request a quote using our online service or by calling 0208 9840 666.

How much does campervan insurance cost?

Campervan insurance is priced according to a variety of factors and assumptions, including the make, model and age of the vehicle, as well as the age of the main driver, the length of time they’ve had their licence and any motoring convictions.

Should you own a campervan which is rare or unique in some way, such as a classic VW Samba or a vintage Ford Transit, you will still be able to find cover – we are specialists in VW campervan insurance.

Costs will vary depending upon all these factors, meaning you could get a campervan insurance quote for as little as £220 but it could top the £1,000 mark, depending upon your circumstances and the value of your campervan.

If your campervan is your only vehicle and the one you use every single day – or at least every time you are on the road – this could also have an effect on the price that you pay. If your campervan is parked up for weeks at a time and you only use it at certain times of the year, then this should bring down the price, particularly if it’s kept in a garage when not in use.

To find out how much a policy may cost, you can get a campervan insurance quote online, or you can give us a call on 0208 9840 666.

How to get your campervan insurance quote

Whether you’ve a classic Westfalia or a brand new California, you’ll need a campervan insurance policy that covers you for every eventuality. You need to ensure all your possessions are fully protected, whether your vehicle is being kept on the drive or is cruising around Europe.

With Comfort Insurance, campervan insurance quotes are perfectly simple to sort out. All you need to do is select your type of vehicle and provide us with a few details, including its make and mileage as well as the level of cover you desire.

The next step is to fill out some personal information on our easy-to-use form, and you’ll have your campervan insurance quote within a few moments. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can always give our experts a call on 0208 9840 666.

Making a claim on your campervan insurance

For many customers, this is the most important part – even more so than price. Regardless of how much you are paying for your campervan insurance, you want to be safe in the knowledge that if something goes wrong, you are able to make a claim for things you are covered for – as quickly and as simply as possible.

So, whether your claim relates to an accident, fire, theft or other damage, you can call the Comfort claims line on 0800 0280 038 and provide a personal incident manager with as much information as possible. We also ask that you have your vehicle registration number to hand, so that your policy records can be found quickly.

If your campervan has been stolen, you should report this to the police immediately. They will issue you with a crime reference number, which you will be able to give to the insurer to speed things up when processing the claim.

We understand your campervan insurance needs

Comfort Insurance is run by those with a passion for hitting the open road. Therefore, we understand what you’re looking for in your campervan insurance and we can satisfy those needs by providing in-depth cover.

Not all companies will cover the little things, but that’s where Comfort Insurance stands out. Our campervan insurance policies offer everything you could possibly need, from the awnings through to gas bottles. Our policies also come with 90 days’ EU cover as standard, meaning you don’t have to cut your holiday short or return home in the middle of an adventure.

So, whether you use your campervan for a beach retreat in Cornwall or to explore the stunning sights of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria, we’ve got your back.

Getting a campervan insurance quote online really is a piece of cake, while we also have an expert, UK-based team who are on hand should you ever need us – just dial 0208 9840 666.

Most types of campervans covered

By partnering up with Aviva, we can offer a range of policies for a variety of different campervan models.

If you’re considering a self-build campervan or converting an existing one, we can offer cover for that too! It’s best to get in touch with us if you want a bespoke campervan insurance quote so that we can provide the best possible deal for your project. Just give one of our expert team a call on 0208 9840 666, and we’ll be able to discuss the options available.

So, if you want to turn your campervan into a home from home, you no longer need to worry about getting cover for it.

All the campervan insurance benefits

We’re proud to cover all of ‘the little things’ that other insurance providers may not include in their standard policies.

We provide cover for personal effects and belongings, awnings, generators, audio and navigational equipment, window and windscreen breakage, gas explosions, and so much more. We’ll even replace your locks if your keys or transmitter are stolen. Some companies may call these extras, but we like to think of these as necessities** when it comes to keeping your campervan on the road.

If you want to find out just how many boxes we tick, then you can browse through our policy documents above, check out the incredible reviews on TrustPilot, or simply request a quote! We’d be more than happy to welcome you into our Comfort Insurance campervan family.


* *subject to policy terms and conditions.


What is covered by our campervan insurance?

As with standard home and car insurance, the more comprehensive your policy, the better the level of cover. When running a campervan insurance quote, it’s important you’re aware of what is covered and any exclusions, to make sure you have the right level of protection to suit your needs.

If you take out a comprehensive campervan insurance policy, this will cover you for:

  • Accidental damage
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Any third-party damage or injury you cause

Our campervan insurance also covers all of the little things that other providers may not include in their standard policies, such as:

  • Personal effects and belongings
  • Awnings
  • Generators
  • Audio and navigational equipment
  • Window and windscreen breakage
  • Gas explosions
  • Replacement locks if your keys or transmitter are stolen

And we offer so much more subject to policy terms and conditions. Some companies may call these extras, but we like to think of these as necessities when it comes to keeping your campervan on the road.

When creating your campervan insurance quote, you should always check if certain eventualities will be covered and then you will not get an untimely and unwanted surprise when it comes to making a claim. Insurers will always try to accommodate our customers as much as they can, but be sure that you enquire for specific cover you think you may need.

Exclusions on our campervan insurance policies

There are some circumstances where you will not be protected by your campervan insurance, including:

  • Loss of use, wear and tear, and depreciation
  • Loss or damage arising from theft when the keys have been left in the ignition
  • Any accident or damage caused by someone driving the vehicle without the appropriate licence
  • Damage to tyres by braking or by punctures, cuts or bursts
  • Damage to the vehicle arising from domestic animals, moth, vermin or infestation

These are just some of the exclusions on your campervan insurance. For a full list, please see your policy documents.

Why come to us for your campervan insurance quote?

Here’s why we’re a leading provider of campervan insurance in the UK:

  • We have spent over 30 years offering the campervan insurance quotes to our customers, so you can be certain we know what we’re talking about.
  • Our superb reputation is backed up by the fact that we were named What Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year for 10 out of 11 years.
  • We are experts in our field; we understand the specific requirements of owning a campervan and will do everything we can to provide a policy tailored to you.
  • We are fiercely proud of our strong reputation among our customers. We’re happy to boast a rating of ‘excellent’ from more than 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot and 99.6% of people say they would recommend us.
  • We are proud to work closely with Aviva, one of the UK’s leading motor insurers. We’re members of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association and our campervan breakdown cover is provided alongside the AA and DAS.
  • As of 17th July 2018, Aviva stated that 99.6% of all claims were paid out, so it’s more than likely that yours will be too.

Campervan Insurance FAQs

Still got questions about campervan insurance? Here are some of the queries we get asked most often:

Why should I have campervan insurance?

Campervans offer the ideal way to see the world whether at home or abroad - simply pack up and hit the road, avoiding all the hassle of checking in at the airport and lugging your things about by hand. So far, so good, but if something goes wrong, your standard travel insurance won’t cover everything.

That’s why specialist campervan insurance is a must. But with so many different models on the market, from classic VWs to converted panel vans, and so many countries to visit, finding the right cover can be tricky. That’s where a campervan insurance quote from us can help.

Is motorhome insurance the same as campervan insurance?

In short, no. It’s very important to note that, although they do share a lot of features, motorhomes and campervans are not the same thing and there are two main differences:

  • Campervans are generally smaller and more compact than motorhomes
  • Campervans don’t have a driving cab that is separate from the living area within, while motorhomes do

Motorhomes are generally better suited for families who need a van that can comfortably sleep everyone or travellers who spend a lot of time on the road and need more space than a campervan can offer.

There are generally four main types of motorhome:

  • A-class
  • American RV-style
  • Coach-built
  • Race trucks

How old do I have to be to take out campervan insurance?

We only insure campervan drivers aged 21 or over - motorists aged between 21 and 25 years old may find that their cover is a bit more expensive than for older drivers. This is because age and driving experience is one of the key considerations when compiling campervan insurance quotes or indeed any motor vehicle insurance.

How can I cut the cost of my campervan insurance?

Aside from only using it occasionally and keeping it in a garage when not in use, there are a number of ways to trim the cost of your campervan insurance. You might find that your premium is substantially reduced if you can provide evidence of at least a few years of claim-free driving, even if this has been accrued while driving a car.

Being a member of a camping association or a similar club could also get you cheaper campervan insurance quotes – but remember to have the evidence of this to ensure you receive this discount.

Other ways to save money on your cover include:

  • Paying all in one for an annual premium rather than monthly instalments
  • Having the best security available for your particular campervan

Always make sure that the information that you provide to us is accurate, so that we can provide you with the correct price, terms and conditions. Our campervan insurance comes loaded with all the features and benefits that we know campervan owners need. Although price is important, it’s vital you ensure you have the correct level of campervan insurance, in case the worst happens and you have to make a claim.

Start your campervan insurance quote today

At Comfort Insurance, we’re here to make sure you can get out on the road with complete peace of mind. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and help you find the policy that’s perfectly suited to you.

You can get a campervan insurance quote online in a matter of moments, or you can give our friendly, expert team a call on 0208 9840 666. You’ll soon see why we’re the leading provider of campervan insurance in the UK, so why not get in touch today?

Did you know...


of Comfort Insurance customers claims were paid.

*As of the 17th July 2018

Campervan breakdown cover


We highly recommend you take out our specialist campervan breakdown cover for only £65 to include on your annual policy. We provide this service in conjunction with the AA and DAS. Follow the link for further information on our campervan breakdown insurance.

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