Motorhomes Insured

Motorhomes come in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes

From simple conversions on standard vans (incorporating windows, roof lights and internal furnishings) through to more sophisticated conversions which use only the original chassis and cab.

There are even more bespoke conversions such as those that use only the chassis without the cab, or large American vehicle (RV) conversions.

In all of these cases, the variations in terms of layout, facilities and trim are numerous. In addition there are choices of engine size, manual/automatic and all the usual options offered with the original van.

The price range of motorhomes is huge. For new vehicles, prices start at around £30,000 and can easily top £100,000 for a European A Class, rising to over £200,000 for some American models. Below are some further descriptions and examples of vehicle types.

We have also included details of vehicles sometimes referred to as motorhomes but where their detachable capability makes them unsuitable for our schemes.

The list here is by no means extensive, but should give you a good idea about how we handle different types of motorhomes for our motorhome insurance policies. If you need further information about particular models of motorhome, then our motorhome information pages give a little more detail about particular manufacturers – if you're looking to buy a new motorhome then you may also find these pages useful.

Professional Campervan Conversions

Professional van conversions consisting of fixed-roof, rising roof and hi-top motor caravans are all converted from standard panel vans, using existing chassis and body. They tend to be at the smaller end of the motor caravan market. If the converter name and model are unknown please select "Home" or "Private" conversion.

Fixed Roof Campervan Conversion Insurance

Fixed Roof Campervan

Rising Roof Campervan Conversion Insurance

Rising Roof Campervan

High-Top Campervan Conversion Insurance

High-Top Campervan

Coachbuilt Motorhomes

Coach-Built motor caravans take a van chassis and cab and a converter company will then build a complete "habitation" section behind the cab. This class is sub-divided into overcab and low-profile. Overcab conversions have a bed space built into a section above the existing cab. Low profiles have sleeker look and have only a small storage area above the cab. These vehicles are the most popular group and form the huge "middle-ground" of the market.

Overcab motorhome insurance

Overcab motorhome

A-Class Motorhomes

A-Class motor caravans use only the chassis and running gear of the base vehicle and everything else is built on by the converter. The original cab is not therefore used and this makes the interior more spacious. These vehicles are at the top end of the market and are therefore more expensive.

A-Class Motorhome Insurance

A-Class Motorhome

American Motorhomes

American Motorhomes tend to be larger that those built in Europe. There are some coachbuilt models, but many are large A-Class vehicles with slide-out sections that increase the living space still further. Some of these vehicles can be very expensive.

American RV Insurance

American RV

Race Trucks

Race trucks are specialist motor caravans used by owners of vehicles (cars or motorcycles) used in motorsport. This means the rear of the vehicle is designed to be a garage for the car or motorcycle. They are normally fairly large in order to accommodate both people and a vehicle; we can quote for vehicles up to 3 litre engine size. We will also consider larger vehicles on production of photographs and full details.

Race Truck Insurance

Race Truck

Self-Built or Privately Converted

Self-build or privately converted motor caravans can theoretically be from any of the above groups, but most often are simple panel van conversions. In order to be considered as a motor caravan, the vehicle must have:

  1. A fixed on-board water supply
  2. At least one bed of 6 ft. length
  3. Fitted wardrobe cupboards
  4. Seating for diners at a table
  5. A gas supply fitted to comply with the Gas Safety (installation & Use) Regulations; and
  6. The conversion must be within 90 days of completion
    All of the above must be of a permanent installation.

Self or Privately Converted Motorhome Insurance

Self or Privately Converted Motorhome

Other Vehicles

Within the wider definition of ‘’motorhome’’ are ‘’demountables’’ and ‘’5th wheelers’’. A demountable is a habitation unit that can be attached and detached to a pick-up truck. 5th wheelers are habitation units that can be connected and disconnected to tracker units in the same way as an articulated lorry. Because the habitation units in both demountables and 5th wheelers can be detached and potentially left unattended, regretfully these motorhome variants are not something that we are able to offer cover for.