Motorhome Manufacturers

Here at Comfort Insurance, we understand that every motorhome owner is different in what they want or require from their motorhome.

But when it comes to buying a motorhome (whether new or used), we know the choice can be a daunting one.

Because of this, we have compiled our knowledge of the different motorhome manufacturers into dedicated guides - and given a brief overview of each.

Below is a list of the top UK motorhome manufacturers.

We insure motorhomes made by all of the below brands. If you own or are looking to buy a motorhome made by any of the below manufacturers, be sure to give Comfort Insurance a call.

We never load our premiums to offer discounts so you can be confident that you're getting the best deal for the level of cover you need to protect you and your vehicle while you're out on the road.

Motorhome Manufacturers

Autocruise Motorhomes

Autocruise Motorhome Insurance

The Autocruise range is extensive, offering van conversions right through to coachbuilt motorhomes.

They literally have something for everyone, with small van conversions suitable for weekending and city driving to luxury motorhomes with every mod-con installed – and everything else in between.

Read more about insurance for Autocruise motorhomes in our dedicated guide.

Autotrail Motorhomes

Auto-Trail Motorhome Insurance

British motorhome manufacturers Autotrail produce high quality vehicles in their factory in Grimsby.

Autotrail pride themselves on the fact that their design process starts with their customers, and this continuing dialogue means their new motorhomes are in tune with their customer's expectations year after year.

Bailey Motorhomes

Bailey of Bristol have been building caravans for over 65 years.

Now they have branched out and are producing some fantastic motorhomes. They currently offer two models; The Autograph and The Approach Advance.

Bessacarr Motorhomes

Bessacarr Motorhomes, from the same stable as Swift.

Offered as entry level vehicles for the budding enthusiast, Bessacarr motorhomes are beautifully designed using modern technology.

With contemporary interiors and solid construction made from durable materials, these vehicles are ideal for those looking for a decent first motorhome.

Chausson Motorhomes

Chausson Motorhome Insurance

Chausson are a motorhome manufacturer from the south of France.

The company was founded as far back as 1903, but they started motorhome production in the 1980s.

They are another company who offer two styles of motorhome, The Flash and The Welcome.

Elddis Motorhomes

Elddis Motorhome Insurance

Elddis are one of the most popular brands of motorhome in the UK.

It is easy to see why, there is something for everyone in their range.

At present they offer three models, The Autoquest, The Accordo and the Encore.

Hobby Motorhomes

Hobby Motorhome Insurance

Hobby Motorhomes hale from northern Germany, where they have been in production for in excess of forty years, and today manufacture over 100 models a day.

The Hobby Motorhomes UK base is in Ambergate, Derbyshire and Hobby Dealers can also be found across the UK.

Hymer Motorhomes

Hymer Motorhome Insurance

Hymer are known for being one of the most prolific brands of motorhome currently on the market.

They are constantly bringing out new models, and always have a wide range of motorhomes available.

They also have the Hymer International Club. An owners club which take an active interest in looking after their members.

Lunar Motorhomes

Lunar Motorhome Insurance

The Lunar motorhome range offers something for everyone.

Whether you are new to motorhoming or have been touring for years, your Lunar motorhome is bound to be your pride and joy.

Being the only UK manufacturer to use a Renault chassis, the Lunar Motorhome range is unique within the marketplace.

However, Lunar Motorhomes are no longer in production, meaning that some parts are hard to find.

Rapido Motorhomes

Rapido Motorhome Insurance

Rapido is often considered the best motorhome manufacturer to come out of France and offers vehicles finished to a very high standard.

Rapido motorhomes offer you spacious, and comfortable living accommodation.

The finish on these models is second to none, with solid maple wood used extensively to create a plush and modern interior.

The clever use of storage space means you'll be able to store more things in your Rapido Motorhome, thus enabling you to spend more time away.

Swift Motorhomes

Swift Motorhome Insurance

The Sundance range is solid, sleek, luxurious and affordable, making it one of the most popular motorhomes on the market.

Models from the Sundance range boast spacious living accommodation, modern soft furnishings and the kitchen now comes with a microwave as standard.