Coronavirus – Do I Need Insurance If I SORN My Motorhome Or Campervan?

As the spread of the Coronavirus reaches pandemic proportions, some customers may be considering applying for a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) particularly if they have no immediate plans to use their vehicle on the road.

Once the registered keeper of the vehicle has made a SORN, whilst there is no longer a legal requirement to insure the vehicle, you can maintain your Comfort Insurance motor policy. In fact, because motorhomes and campervans are highly expensive, with the typical price being in region of £60K-£70K, it is highly recommended that fully comprehensive motorhome insurance cover is maintained at all times, even if the you have no immediate intention of taking your vehicle out on the road. There are several key reasons for this recommendation:

Vehicle Damage – Should your motorhome or campervan be damaged whilst it’s off the road, you’ll still need insurance cover to get it repaired.

Theft – Vehicles left unused for extended periods of time are sadly targets for thieves. Without insurance cover in place, should your vehicle be stolen or damaged whilst someone attempts to steal it, then you’ll be out of pocket. If your vehicle is being purchased on credit, the credit company will insist that the vehicle is comprehensively insured. If your vehicle has been purchased on credit and it’s not insured and it is damaged or stolen, not only will you have to pay for the loss yourself, you’ll continue to be liable to pay any outstanding finance on the vehicle.

Storage Site Requirements – Many off-site storage facilities stipulate in their terms and conditions that you must maintain insurance whilst your vehicle is being stored. This is to protect you should your vehicle cause damage to somebody else’s property whilst on site.

Additional Benefits – In addition to providing cover for your motorhome or campervan, your Comfort Insurance policy includes cover for accessories e.g. awnings and generators and also legal expenses cover. These additional covers are of benefit to you even whilst your vehicle is being kept off road.

Keeping your vehicle secure whilst it’s off road

Whilst your vehicle is off road, we highly recommend that you review your vehicle security arrangements to help prevent it being stolen.

At Comfort Insurance, we’re passionate about the service we deliver, and as motorhome enthusiasts ourselves, we appreciate just how important it is to look after what you have. Together, with our partners at Aviva, we’re proud to offer you an unrivalled choice of policies – it’s why our customers rate our service as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.



To find the right policy to suit your needs, give our motorhome insurance experts a call on 0800 0304 206 – our unrivalled choice of policies is what helps our customers rate our service as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with a customer satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5.*

*March 2020

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