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How to Maintain Your Motorhome through Winter

Winter is not the best time of the year for people with a motorhome.

There are less places to visit if the weather is bad, and having it simply parked up for months on end doesn’t do the vehicle any good.

Some people choose to go and find sunnier climates. Some are happy travelling about the UK despite the weather.

And others simply wait out the winter, before setting off for an adventure in the spring.

Whatever it is you’re looking to do – you need to know how to properly maintain your motorhome throughout the cold weather.

If you’re a motorhome expert, then you probably know all the tricks.

But if not, then this guide can help you prepare properly.

Snow path

Are You Using Your Motorhome over Winter?

If the answer is yes, then here’s what you need to know.

Travelling in rainy, snowy or icy conditions is obviously quite difficult – depending on how bad the weather is.

Driving a motorhome is itself quite a challenge for people who are a little inexperienced.

So it’s important to be extra careful, and really make sure you’re driving safely. Even if it means your journey takes a little bit longer.

Aside from that, you have to prepare your vehicle for the conditions.

Make sure you have plenty of de-icer on-board, to tackle those frozen windscreens in the mornings.

De-icer is the best and most efficient way to clearing the screen, so your vision is at 100%.

It’s also an idea to ensure your tires are inflated all the way, and that your water and oil levels are good.

Finally, depending on where you’re going and how bad you expect the weather to be, it might be wise to invest in snow chains – which will prove to be an incredible buy, if you need to use them.

Are You Staying at Home?

If you have no plans to travel during the winter months, you still need to maintain your motorhome.

First of all, ensure you give it a good clean. Get rid of all the grime and dust, or it will only build up over the time you’re away.

Then you’ll have a big job on your hands come Spring.

You’ll probably need to do a little bit when that time comes, but it will be a lot easier if you’ve taken action earlier.

We’d also advise visiting your motorhome once every couple of weeks, for a number of reasons.

One – just to ensure that everything is ok.

Two, to make sure the water systems have been drained properly. If anything has built up in the waste tanks, you know you have a leak to deal with.

Finally, it’s a good idea to run the engine for a little while, so all the internal components are put to use and don’t seize up.

If you fancy taking the motorhome out for a short spin (10-15 miles or so) – then even better.

When you return in a few months, ready for another long trip, or just a short weekend away, your motorhome will be in excellent condition.

Just make sure you have the appropriate motorhome insurance before you begin your adventure!

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