Selling your Motorhome

Most motorhome owners will at some point in their lives be in the situation of selling their vehicle or exchanging it for a newer model. Of course it is imperative you get the best price possible and there are several things you can do to help bring this about.

It is relatively easy these days to find a website or even a mobile phone text messaging service to find out the approximate value of your motorhome, and this is worth doing if you are selling privately, negotiating with a used motorhome dealer or buying a brand new model direct from the manufacturer.

Tidy up

The first thing to do is give your motor home a spring clean. Start on the inside by clearing all the floors and getting rid of old newspapers, brochures parking slips etc. and then give it a good clean out with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean down all the woodwork and don’t forget the oven, it will be tiresome but worth it. On the outside make sure you use cleaning products that leave a shiny finish, and tyre paint will be worth spending a few pounds on as it will catch the eye of prospective vendors. Also if you place an advert, a picture will make your vehicle stand out.

It is advisable to tidy up underneath the bonnet as well. Check your oil, brake fluid and windscreen washers are at acceptable levels and a steam clean may be worthwhile if you are selling privately.

Check credentials

If you are placing an advert in a magazine or local paper try and avoid using abbreviations. There is no need to go overboard with your descriptions but make sure you mention the best features of the vehicle and any added extras.

If you are the only owner and have a full service history of the motorhome then this is also worth mentioning as of course is the colour. Remember to be on your guard once you start to get enquiries about a sale. It a sad fact but thieves will pose as buyers, so never let the buyer go on a test drive on their own and don’t leave the buyer alone with the keys in the ignition.

Check that your motorhome insurance will allow other drivers to take a test drive, and if it doesn’t make sure the prospective buyer has insurance of their own before they get behind the wheel. Check their identity and if you are being paid in cash arrange for a meeting at a bank so you can bank the money in their presence.