Comfort Insurance Teams Up with Camplify

Comfort, the UK’s leading supplier of caravan and motorhome insurance have partnered with Camplify, a leading campervan and motorhome rental platform in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Spain.

With RV holidays quickly becoming a staple holiday option in the UK, it is essential that all owners and hirers using peer to peer rental platforms are comprehensively safeguarded.
Comfort's award winning [drive and hire insurance] is and will be offered to all owners that list their van on Camplify, setting an industry standard benchmark for safe and secure vehicle sharing.

Owners that wish to share their van on Camplify not only have the option to use Comforts comprehensive drive and hire policy, but also to earn additional income, up to £10,000 a year.

‘’Furthermore, as a Comfort policy holder, you will not pay any commission on any bookings for the first 12 months if you list your van with Camplify by the 18th August 2022. ‘’

All interested van owners can find out more about sharing their van with Camplify [here].

Ben Cue, General Manager & Director of Operations of Comfort shared:

Comfort have chosen to work with Camplify because we feel they mirror our values which have the customer at our core, ensuring they always receive the best customer service possible, coupled with them being the market leader in their own field. We needed to find a provider that complemented the product, developed with Aviva which took three years to come to market, and from the initial first meeting, we knew that we all wanted to achieve the same end goal.

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Comfort Insurance Reviews & Testimonials

We pride ourselves on providing great cover and friendly customer service, that’s why Trustpilot rate us as ‘Excellent’ with a TrustScore of 4.9 based on over 4,500 reviews.

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Special Offers

  • Camplify are currently offering an 8% + VAT reduction on their commission charges. For more details please click here.
  • For any hire that goes ahead, Camplify are covering the hirer's cost of insurance - full details plus Terms & Conditions can also be found here

Introduction to Camplify

Developed by a team of camping and caravanning lovers, and operating in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Spain, Comforts newest partner, peer to peer platform Camplify, delivers a seamless and transparent platform for van owners to support their income by sharing their van with others, and offering endless adventures for hirers.

The good news? Any Comfort customers that sign up and share their van with Camplify will receive a full rebate on their commission for the first year! But this is only temporary, so you’ll have to list your van by the 18th August 2022.

Even better news? Camplify’s 2022 booking income is already ahead by 964.82% compared to 2021,  so  now is the time to cash in, as it’s set to be another bumper summer for van hire in the UK.

And don’t worry, you will of course be covered under Comforts drive, hire insurance policy, and break down assistance in line with the Annual Policy, which is supported by Aviva, so you know you’ll be in safe hands against accidents, breakdowns and damage whilst the van is out on hire. Not to mention the fantastic Camplify customer support team behind you, helping all the way from listing your van to accident claims; they are always on the end of the phone.

So if you’re thinking about sharing your van with Camplify, but you still have questions or concerns, we’ve put together a quick fire round with Camplify to answer some of the questions most commonly asked by owners when they are starting out?

What service does Camplify offer van owners?

A secure platform to list their van for hire, full control on when and who owners hire out to, full comprehensive insurance for hiring through Comfort, no registration fees, a customer support team behind you every step, from listing to booking, to on-the-road assistance and our owners only pay a commission when they earn.  With Camplify paying for the insurance if you hire your motorhome to anyone else which gives you the benefit of having a specialist comprehensive hire policy without the need to take on any annual or temporary hire policy which can range from £20 per day to an Annual Policy of up to £2,000.

DVLA checks and other essential documentation checks are performed before each booking.  We go to every possible length to protect our owners and their vehicles and give them a place where they can safely share their van.

Whilst we do request a minimum of 8 weeks through the year,  the vast majority of owners set up a full calendar availability and organise their own holidays around the bookings.

A week in high season: between £900 and £1200. Our van owner site-section includes a calculator where your van earning potential can be quickly shared

4-6 berth motorhomes with ensuite facilities, popular for families, couples looking for a bit more comfort, or group of friends.

Over 1,100, we are growing our portfolio very rapidly and demand is outstripping supply.

We only take a commission of 8% plus VAT.

Safety is our top priority, owners are required to have an up-to-date MOT and address, any advisories before sending the van out on hire, regular maintenance of the van and the tyres, plus gas and electricity certificates are both required.

We accept all types of vehicles as long as they meet our safety requirements and the right information/limitations are indicated on the listing. Owners also have the option to talk to hirers about their trip and requirements before accepting a booking, giving the owner a further layer of control.

  • Damaged while out on hire? This is covered by the Comforts insurance and Camplify provides full assistance on damage claims
  • over-runs the rental period and is returned late? Most hirers are likely to communicate this to the owner and find an agreement. Should this not happen, we do have penalties in place that are applied to the hirer’s bond and passed on to the owner.
  • is sub-let to another renter? Should we become aware of this during the holiday we’d end the booking immediately, recover the van and charge the hirer for any cost/damage associated with this breach of contract.
  • is taken abroad without permission – and how will you know this? Should we become aware of this during the holiday we’d end the booking immediately, recover the van and charge the hirer for any cost/damage associated with this breach of contract. We encourage owners to install GPS trackers on their vehicle to ensure against this.
  • attracts fines and penalties, etc? Most hirers are very conscious and responsible and they pay the fines as soon as they are notified. Should this not happen, the amount can be retained off the hirer’s bond.
  • Does an owner get compensation/an alternative vehicle if their motorhome is returned unusable and they have a trip booked or have another rental booked for the following day?
  • No, however owners are invited to take their own business insurance to cover for this scenario.
  • How long does it typically take from entering a claim for repairs/lost income and your insurer settling? It is usually very quick and could take less than 10 days to settle, however it depends very much on the owners’ availability to get a quote for repair.

Cost of Living

We’re all feeling the pinch at the moment. A recent survey by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that 66 percent of adults in Britain had experienced an increase in the cost of living over since January, with higher energy bills cited as a cause by four in five.

But with the typical income for a week’s rental during peak season for a 4-berth coach built or campervan on Camplify standing as high as £900 - £1200, those lucky enough to own a van have a great opportunity to subsidise their own income and offset the rising bills at home. By sharing their van for just two weeks of the month during June, July and August, owners are in great stead to cover their home energy bill payments for 2023!

Sam Bradley, Chislehurst based owner stated ''We started sharing our first motorhome with Camplify in 2020, and as a result of our success acquired and listed our second at the beginning of 2021. Since then, we have received close to £19,000 in bookings, and anticipate another busy summer ahead. Having two vans on the platform has meant we're busy dealing with bookings, but the additional income has meant that my wife and I have been able to work more flexibly and spend more time with our young children.''

Try before you buy (or wait)

A record breaking  101,606 visitors attended the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham in February this year, which reflects the height of demand for all things motorhome and campervan in the UK.

Camplify has seen a huge influx of bookings from hirers that want to ‘Try Before They Buy.’ Danny Bennett, Cambridgeshire based owner said ‘’Over the past two years, around 20% of our bookings have come from hirers looking to try before they buy. Motorhomes are a big expense, so hirers want to experience driving, living in and travelling in a motorhome before they commit to buying one''.

But the industry is suffering its biggest backlog to date. The perfect storm of under ordering of chassis by manufacturers in 2019 for fear of Brexit tariff hikes, combined with an enormous spike in demand as a result of the pandemic, has left many would be owners facing a 9-12 month wait for a new van.

So this year, Camplify anticipates similar numbers looking to hire a van to satisfy their wanderlust, while they wait for their own to arrive!