Motorhome Breakdowns Abroad

There are few things more frustrating than breaking down when you’ve just crossed the channel or driven off the ferry. Even if you’re a few days into your holiday or on your way home a breakdown can really put a dampener on an otherwise great trip. Breakdowns can’t always be avoided but there are some precautions you can take to minimise the chances of putting yourself in danger.

Servicing and Maintenance

It makes good sense to get a professional service before taking on a long drive or a big trip abroad. A service won’t necessarily prevent a breakdown but it will definitely help identify any serious issues before they become a real problem. Equally, test things like your sink and oven before you go abroad – often trying to get a serviceman to fix a gas problem in a motorhome is harder than finding a full breakdown recovery service.

Good Preparation

With any motor vehicle, check your oil, brake and washer fluids but also check your gas supplies and water tank for mould or debris. If you’re off to Europe then you’ll also need an EU breakdown kit which usually comprises of a yellow reflective vest and a red warning triangle. If you breakdown you’ll need to use both of these, regardless of whether it’s day or night. In many countries it is law so don’t be caught out.

Recovery Services

If the worst does happen you’ll need to know you’re covered. Your motor home insurance provider may offer your breakdown recovery but if not then organisations like the AA and the RAC (amongst others) will offer EU recovery. Check your policy details very carefully, however, as many companies offer cover which is restricted within the EU. Make sure your provider gives you exactly what you need and don’t get caught out – the costs of recovery are not cheap.

Breaking down is a possibility anywhere but there’s plenty you can do to minimise the chances of you encountering problems. Unfortunately, travel is a bit hit and miss so don’t let a breakdown abroad spoil a good adventure – be prepared and make sure you’re covered.