Selling your Motorhome

There are plenty of reasons to sell a motorhome; perhaps there’s a new member of the family who’s arrived, perhaps you’re looking for an extra slice of luxury for a big trip or maybe you’re just fed up of breaking down on the road! Whatever the reason, it’s important to price your motorhome appropriately and get value out of your sale. Here are a few tips to finding the right spot in the market.

Age, Model, Condition
The basic factors you’ll need to take into account are the age, model and condition of a motorhome. Do some research and try to find models that are similar to yours and price yourself well within that range. If you’re way off the mark in any one of these categories you’ll struggle to attract enquiries as any potential buyers will just go elsewhere.

There is a place for negotiation when it comes to selling and it’s probably safer to price a little higher than what you will realistically accept. Be sure to hold firm, also, and don’t let your sale be dictated – there are always other buyers. If you’ve reached a rock bottom price try negotiating with extras – you can perhaps get away with throwing in a camping stove rather than knocking off another £200.

Be Realistic
The most dangerous thing you can do is price way ahead of yourself because you have a deep-seated love for your motorhome. Any potential buyer isn’t going to attach the same nostalgic value that you do to your motorhome so you do need to let yourself be swayed by the market. Equally, be honest about any faults or problems, previous motorhome insurance claims or anything else that may come back to haunt you if you don’t mention it upfront!

Pricing is tough to get right and there’s no perfect price for any particular motorhome. It’s a skill to gauge what the ‘market price’ really is but if you’re getting a few enquiries you know you’re at a round about the right level.