Driving in the Rain

A leading European bank and credit card provider reckons the current awful weather settling over the UK adds approximately £25 million a day to the cost of motoring.

The report by Santander places the extra cost down to what the researchers called seasonal motorists. Seasonal motorists are the type of people who decide on their means of transport by looking out of the window before setting off for work, they may walk or cycle if the weather is good but generally get out their car if the forecast is not so promising. Interestingly enough researchers say up to 40% of commuters, approximately 2.8 million, do in fact come under the label of seasonal motorists. Many campervan and motorhome insurance policy holders will fall into this category as they are the sort of people who use their vehicle for leisure activities or as a means to travel on holidays rather than for the daily grind of commuting.

Santander cards spokesman, Adam Musset, explained “As the price of fuel continues to rise, motorists are finding themselves under increased pressure to cover the cost of driving. Seasonal motorists find themselves in the fortunate position of being able to choose whether or not to drive, but actually our research shows that for almost a third of all people who drive to work the car is essential, not optional.”

According to the report, every day a seasonal motorist has to go to work in a vehicle costs them an extra £9. The sum covers the cost of parking, fuel, road tolls and congestion charges. Figures suggest last year’s dismal summer presented seasonal motorists with 51 days where walking or cycling was not an option; this summer proves to be much worse with researchers saying a complete wash out could add up to £1.7 billion to the nations motoring bill.