One-Way Motorhomes

Every now and again we see those crazy adverts that advertise motorhome hire for something like £5 a day and we wonder quite how that can be the case. Well, very often it is the case and a lot of motorhome owners save huge amounts of money transporting motorhomes across countries. How does it work?

Point A – Point B

Quite simply, a motorhome manufacturer will decide they need a shipment of motorhomes moved north, south or wherever, and they will advertise for customers who can do it. You’ll be given a pick-up point and and end point and as long as you deliver the motorhome to its destination on time, you can usually benefit from ridiculously cheap rates.

Fair Use Policies

Of course, unlimited use of a motorhome, providing you can make the drop-off on time sounds a little too good to be true and, it is. Normally manufacturers will stipulate a maximum mileage and, perhaps, even a route to be followed. Fair use applies to the interior too – these motorhomes are probably going to be sold on new, so they need to be kept in good order.

Sorting out the Admin

Equally, no motorhome rental comes without a good deal of paperwork. One things that’s really important with low-value, cash in hand transactions is to make sure the motorhome insurance or campervan insurance that goes with the vehicle is appropriate for your purpose. You may not be covered for all the use you need to be, and this can lead to seriously expensive bills on your part.

If you can find a deal that works with your schedule, driving a motorhome for a company can be a great way of saving on your motorhome rental package. It’s not without its risks of course, but if you can find a deal that fits you, then go for it!