Good Signs Surround the Motorhome Industry

business chart showing financial successWe’ve been pleased to hear some positive news over the last few weeks from the motorhome industry, and where 2012 was a gloomy year with many manufacturers going bust and an exceptional number of buyouts, 2013 looks like it might just be a good year for the markets.

Demand on the Rise

Last month we saw Ford upping the production of a number of their chassis to meet the rising demand from the American markets. The RV market is somewhat larger in the United States than over here, but it’s usually a good reflection of how people are willing to spend their hard earned cash elsewhere. Good demand in America more than likely means that the European markets are also going to start picking up very soon.

Stability for Manufactures

The uncertainty that is surrounding the Eurozone seems to be fading just a little and with the promise of low interest rates for some years to come, manufacturers are starting to feel a little more at ease with the conditions they are dealing with. Government cuts across Europe have undoubtedly hit the motorhome industry hard but manufacturers are finding it easier to make plans and invest for the future.

Subsidiary Industries

Staying Afloat The motorhome industry itself boasts a whole host of other subsidiary industries, some of which have a direct relation to what’s going on in the motorhome market. Motorhome insurance, for example, is completely dependent on people purchasing new motorhomes, or at least not selling off old ones, and it’s good to hear that demand is still strong for new products. Equally, there are a number of accessories manufacturers and service partners that all depend on good demand; if sales are good, the market looks pretty good elsewhere!

It’s great to see some positive signs in the motorhome market and there was concern that 2013 was going to be even more tough than 2012. As we stand we’re only in March, but it’s quite possible that business is, at last, looking up.