Downsizing Your Motorhome

motorhome legoPerhaps you’ve had your motorhome a few years now and you’ve enjoyed it and have had great use from it. But, maybe, the kids are starting to do their own thing, or the friends you used to go with have got their own vehicle and it looks like it’s time to downsize. If you do it well, downsizing can be both extremely rewarding from a travel perspective and can also put a few extra quid in your pocket. Here are our top tips for downsizing your motorhome:

Decide What You Really Need

The object of downsizing is to find something that gives you similar practicalities and amenities but with just a little less space. Motorhome kitchens tend to be of a similar size throughout the classes but some of the features might change. You’ll probably still get a decent sized kitchen in a two berth for example, but if you want two good hobs and a double oven then you might need to shop around.

Set Out a Budget

It can be wise to try to sell your old motorhome before going shopping for a new one. Valuations can be quite misleading so if you can sell then it’s worthwhile: you know what you have to spend. You should have a think about where you’ll save on downsizing and where you might want to splash out: you’ll probably find your motorhome insurance and fuel economy gets a little cheaper so you might want to opt for, say, a leather interior with the savings.

Take Advantage of Offers

If you buy and sell from the same place there is often a real discount to be had. Trade-in deals are usually beneficial to both parties and so it’s worth investigating the options. It also helps to build up a relationship with a particular dealer: not only is it nice to have a service outlet you can trust but you might get a little loyalty discount every now and again.

Downsizing can be a great thing to do if you have excess space in your motorhome that you’re really not using. It may be that you sell at a little more than you buy for or the other way around, but whether you end up spending or saving at the outset it’s an economical way to make better use of your cash in the long run.