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4 of the Best Winter Motorhome Adventures

Northern LightsIn general, the summer months are the busiest for motorhome sites, as most people choose to go away in their vehicles when the weather is warm. However, even though winter is almost here you don’t have to pack your motorhome away; in fact there are some amazing adventures that are only available during the winter months! Whether you want an action packed holiday or feel like venturing to previously unchartered lands, this guide will have something for you:

German Christmas Markets – Germany (Nationwide)

When it comes to Christmas the German’s don’t do things by half, and their Christmas markets are something of a spectacle. Each year a number of towns across Germany host their own Christmas markets, including Dusseldorf, Hanover, Dresden and Berlin. Most of these markets begin during mid to late November and end just before the New Year in order to accommodate the thousands of people that come from far and wide to sample the food, drinks and gifts. If you are a sucker for everything Christmas then why not organise a trip around Deutschland in your motorhome and see what each market has to offer – we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

The Northern Lights – The Lofoten Islands, Norway

The northern lights are something that many have heard of, yet if you haven’t seen them with your own eyes you won’t be able to even begin to comprehend their amazing beauty. The Lofoten Islands in Norway is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking the Aurora Borealis, and between September and March numerous people flock there in hope to see the amazing spectacle. There are a number of websites you can visit where you can book your trip, as well as find out more about motorhome parks and facilities. Don’t forget though that no one is guaranteed to see the lights, so be prepared to find other activities to do while you are there.

The New Forest – Hampshire, England

If you don’t have the time to travel to the Continent this winter then head to the New Forest in Hampshire, where there are a number of campsites available to motorhomers. The New Forest is popular among many motorhome owners especially in the winter months when many choose to spend Christmas in a picturesque surrounding. Those that are looking for a relaxing break will really appreciate this trip, and as the sites are so popular most come with a number of facilities including electric hook-ups, laundry facilities and heated shower blocks. Many of the sites are also a short drive away from Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton, where there are a number of shops, restaurants and nightclubs for you to enjoy!

Horizon Festival – Bankso Ski Resort, Bulgaria

If you are thinking of heading on a motorhome trip in the beginning of 2014 then make sure you check out the Horizon Festival in Bulgaria. Based in the Bankso Ski Resort (around three hours away from the capital of Sofia), this event is hosted between the 8th and 14th of March and blends together snow, ski and dance music, with all night-long raves the norm. This event is fast becoming an established European festival, so if you are thinking of heading down make sure you check out nearby campsites soon and book your tickets early. Don’t forget that Bulgaria at that time of year is covered in snow, so pack carefully and don’t forget to your motorhome insurance!

These are just some of the few adventures that motorhomers can take advantage of over the winter period, and depending on your budget and appeal for excitement there are a lot more to find. Don’t forget that the winter period differs from country to country, so if you want snow and picturesque settings make sure you research your destination before you go.

If you are planning on heading on a motorhome adventure this winter let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages – you could even inspire others to do the same!

By Sigmund Pettersen, Zig 22:36, 8 January 2006 (UTC) (Photo taken by Sigmund Pettersen) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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