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4 of the World’s Best New Year’s Eve Parties

If you love a good party then New Year’s Eve is probably your favourite night of the year, with destinations around the world going all out to ensure everyone has a night they’ll never forget. Visiting a place for the first time for New Year’s Eve is a great way to guarantee an enjoyable night, and you can also experience a country’s culture in all its glory. If you want a night you will never forget try visiting one of these locations for NYE 2013:

#1 Times Square, New York

One of the most iconic cities in the world, New York offers something for everyone and knows how to throw a party. What’s more, celebrities from around the world flock to the Big Apple for New Year’s Eve, and last year Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber performed to the hundreds of thousands of visitors in Times Square. At midnight the world-famous geodesic sparkling sphere weighing over eleven thousand pounds drops and the whole city celebrates in unison. This is a party that any New Year’s Eve lover will have on their to-do list, however be wary if you are planning to travel by motorhome – parking will be extremely strict especially as a large portion of the streets will be closed.

#2 Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona

Barcelona already has a reputation for being a buzzing city, as most bars and restaurants only open late at night and close in the small hours of the morning. New Year’s Eve is no different, with parties going on all night long and thousands of people visiting the area. One of the great things about Barcelona is that its residents are fiercely proud of their culture and traditions, so you will be able to experience a New Year’s Eve party like no other. If you want to spend your New Year’s in this well-known city then make sure you book well in advance, as restaurants and camping areas are often reserved months ahead of time. Also, don’t forget to bring 12 grapes with you – it’s tradition to eat these at the stroke of midnight for good luck.

#3 Kho Phangan, Thailand

Thailand is famous for its parties, especially the Full Moon Party where miles of the Kho Phangan beach are turned into make-shift nightclubs. Fire eating, limbo competitions and dancing shoeless is what you should expect if you want to visit this party, so be aware this is one for the truly dedicated. One of the great things about visiting Kho Phangan for New Year’s Eve is that you are able to plan a trip to other nearby countries afterwards such as Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, however you may have to leave your motorhome on the Thai mainland and get a ferry across to the smaller islands. If you are travelling by motorhome you need to also make sure you sort out your Visas well in advance otherwise you could spend your New Year’s Eve stuck at the border!

#4 London, England

A little closer to home, London always hosts a spectacular New Year’s Eve display with fireworks all along the South Bank. Like most people, you’ve probably already seen some of the displays on television, however you can’t beat the real thing, especially with the atmosphere created by everyone celebrating around you. Unfortunately, finding somewhere suitable to park your motorhome may be slightly difficult in the capital, so you may have to park further out and then get the train or bus into the city centre. If you do choose to do this just make sure you secure your motorhome properly before you head off – the last thing you want to do on New Year’s Day is make a motorhome insurance claim for a stolen vehicle!

Bonus Destination – Your Own Home

Staying at home for New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you know how to throw a good party! If you own a motorhome try setting it up in the back garden and using it as a party hub which has food, drinks and even a DJ. Throw on some fairy lights and invite your closest friends and family round and you are sure to have a night filled with fun and laughter. Don’t forget to make the countdown and subsequent stroke of midnight special by having a bottle of Champagne on ice and Aud Lang Syne on your playlist!

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