A guide to the best UK motorhome routes

A guide to the best UK motorhome routes

For so many of us, the dream of a summer holiday helps us make it through the year. Some long for seaside escapes or exciting city breaks and others just want a week away from the kids. But for thousands of motorhome owners, there is nothing more thrilling than hitting the open road and enjoying the sense of freedom to see and do what you like.

As more and more travellers embrace the thrill of a staycation, and as motorhome staycations are growing in popularity this year, taking to the wheel and travelling the length and breadth of the country is a fantastic way to discover where you live.

For the thousands of motorhome owners who take a staycation every year, the thrill of discovering somewhere new keeps them returning to the open road, hoping to enjoy panoramic vistas and beautiful British landscapes.

Many motorhome enthusiasts have their routes and favourite spots planned out far in advance. However, if you are new to the motorhome experience, you might be overwhelmed by all the exciting options to choose from.

Luckily, here at Comfort Insurance, we have drawn on our motorhome experience and compiled a guide to the best UK motorhome routes. Whether you have just invested in a brand-new motorhome, ready to embrace years of adventure, or are looking for motorhome rentals for a new travel experience, we have the top UK destinations for motorhome holidays covered.

From coastal drives in north Cornwall and mountain hikes in Wales to rugged mountains and wild camping in the Scottish Highlands, setting out on a motorhome adventure opens up a world of travel possibilities.

No matter where you decide to visit, whether it is in wild nature or seaside retreats, remember the adage, “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” and preserve these stunning routes to enjoy year after year.


Voted as the most beautiful country in the world to visit in 2020, beating Canada to the top spot, Scotland’s motorhome routes are some of the most wild and scenic across the four nations.

The most popular motorhome routes in Scotland will undoubtedly take in the Highlands with its towering mountains and expansive moors. The North Coast 500 route spans 516 miles of Scotland, taking in the northern Highlands and coast at the very top of the country. It is undoubtedly one of the best Scottish motorhome routes.

Beyond the North Coast 500 in Scotland, there are several highly adaptable routes to help you explore the country’s sights. From seven-day whistle-stop tours to fortnight excursions, the only limit is how much time you have.

The West Coast Route that runs north from Glasgow is one of the best motorhome routes in Scotland and takes in some truly enviable destinations. Explore Fort William, Loch Fyne and Stirling along the way before heading across the water to the awe-inspiring Isle of Skye and on to the Cairngorms National Park.

If you have a little more time for adventure, why not leave the mainland and take your motorhome holiday across to the Outer Hebrides. Just 30 miles off the coast of north-west Scotland, the route has no shortage of amazing destinations to visit.

You will probably need to take 14 days to see everything here. Locations include the Isles of Lewis and Harris, Landmark Forest Park, the Iron Age Village and Neptune’s Staircase. A motorhome holiday to the Outer Hebrides and Western Isles is not one you’ll soon forget.

Latching on to the North Coast 500 motorhome holiday trail is the north-east coast route. Running from Perth up to the very tip of the UK mainland, this route includes jaw-dropping destinations such as the Orkney Isles, Loch Assynt and medieval Glamis Castle.


Home to some of Britain’s greenest and most alluring scenery, Wales has long been a top destination for motorhome holidays. In recent years, the Welsh tourist board has joined three of the best motorhome routes in Wales to create a collection named ‘The Wales Way’, that leads you into the heart and soul of the country.

Taking in the unwavering coastline, mountain peaks and lush green heartlands, The Wales Way consists of three distinct routes: The North Wales Way, The Coastal Way and The Cambrian Way. Each showcases the best of Wales’ landscapes and its proud heritage.

Hugging Wales’ northern coast, The North Wales Way follows an old trading route along 75 miles of epic scenery. As one of Wales’ best motorhome routes, there are plenty of activities to enjoy along The North Coast Way such as off-piste hiking trails and UNESCO world-heritage listed attractions like Caernarfon Castle.

Running the entire length of the dazzling Cardigan Bay, The Coastal Way Wales is a 180-mile motorhome route like no other. Sandwiched between the moody Irish Sea and soaring mountain peaks, the route runs from Aberdaron to St David’s taking in scenic harbour towns and quaint fishing villages.

As far as driving coastal routes in Wales go, The Coastal Way is unparalleled. With vast stretches of sandy beaches and seaside attractions, it is an ideal route to enjoy a motorhome seaside staycation.

Finally, The Cambrian Way, a complete north to south motorhome adventure, travels along the mountainous spine of Wales for 185 miles. As one of the best Welsh motorhome routes, The Cambrian Way traverses two iconic national parks – Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons – as well as the green expanses of the Cambrian Mountains.

For travellers looking for an authentic Welsh experience and a glimpse of the country’s heritage, The Cambrian Way is an unrivalled motorhome holiday to take in Wales. Taking in pretty market towns, looming forests and the historic slate and coal mining heartlands that drove the country’s economy for so long.

Northern Ireland

Despite being the smallest in size of the four UK nations, Northern Ireland plays host to some truly eye-opening and life-changing motorhome routes. Chief among them is the inspiring Causeway Coastal route, one of the best motorhome routes in Northern Ireland.

Travelling through of the UK’s most scenic areas of national beauty, driving the Causeway Coastal route by motorhome is one of the best ways to see it. Planning is key, as Causeway Coastal driving tours attract thousands of global visitors every year.

Starting in Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, the Causeway Coastal route travels along the Antrim Coast taking in renowned sights along one of the most dramatic motorhome routes in Northern Ireland.

A seven-day motorhome holiday is ample time to see the top sights but consider spending at least two weeks exploring Northern Ireland’s coast. Take in attractions such as Carrickfergus Castle, The Gobbins and Ballycastle.

The Causeway Coastal route stops by some famous filming location from the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’. Stop at Dark Hedges in Ballymoney before exploring the legendary Giant’s Causeway on the way to picturesque Londonderry.


Serving as inspiration for poets, painters and British literary icons, the Lake District has long been a top destination for those hoping to escape into the wild and connect with the rugged beauty of one of England’s top national parks.

Recently, the Lake District was awarded a coveted UNESCO world-heritage status making it an even more desirable destination for motorhome holidays. Driving the Lake District by motorhome offers some stunning opportunities to explore Cumbria and partake in outdoor activities.

Due to the expansive size of the national park, seeing the Lake District by motorhome can be taken as one long trip or seen over multiple visits. In the southern Lake District, you can travel on routes along Ullswater and dazzling Windermere, England’s largest natural lake. Hiking routes circle the lakes as well as taking you high up into the soaring mountains that typify the Cumbrian landscape.

Further north, the pretty town of Keswick acts as the centre of outdoor activities in the Lake District. Nearby Derwent Water is renowned for kayaking, water skiing, paragliding and its beautiful trails into the local countryside.

A short drive from Keswick is the whimsical village of Grasmere. While most Lake District motorhome routes avoid smaller villages, Grasmere is worth the effort. Once home to legendary writer William Wordsworth, the village is world-renowned for its iconic gingerbread too.

Exploring by motorhome

There you have it, our definitive guide to the best UK motorhome routes. No matter which you decide to explore or if you decide to take another route somewhere else, enjoy the thrill of the open road, the freedom of adventure and to create as many wonderful motorhome holiday memories as you can.

If you’re planning on hitting the open road in a motorhome this year, let Comfort Insurance take care of your cover. For extra peace of mind while you tour this magical island, check out our Motorhome Cover, which starts from just £220, or call 0208 9840 777 for more details.

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We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £220!

Comfort Insurance

We’re a family run business with over 30 years' experience in the provision of specialist motorhome and campervan insurance. With a wealth of awards under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service, offering you the most comprehensive cover money can buy -  starting from just £200!