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Accessory Fittings

So maybe you’ve been searching online for a few weeks, looking for something to make your motorhome that extra bit special, but there’s always the problem of how to get it fitted. Online retailers often have a fantastic range of stock but there’s not always an easy way to get your new accessory up and running. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking…

Take me to your Dealer

Motorhome dealers are often willing to fit accessories, even if they weren’t purchased directly from them. Doing this will cost you, of course, and don’t be surprised if you end up paying a considerable amount for labour. However, if you build up a good relationship with your motorhome dealer and make the odd purchase it’s likely that they’ll be happy to help out a good customer for a better price.

Look for a Handyman

Alternatively, there are plenty of places to advertise for an individual if you need a specific bit of help on installing a fitting. Motorhome forums are good places to advertise and you may find this to be a lot cheaper than a professional fitting. However, do make sure you know what you’re doing: it has been known for individuals to leave jobs incomplete or to do them to a poor standard. Don’t let this happen to you!

Do it Yourself

The final option isn’t for everyone, but don’t rule it out until you’ve tried it! It’s true that you’ll probably want a professional to fit a new air-con system but it’s probably easier than you think to mount a rear-view camera. Again, make good use of the information available to you: there are probably plenty of people who have experienced exactly the same problem with your product and some of them may have documented it online.

Remember to notify your motorhome insurance provider if you’re thinking of fitting anything that isn’t cosmetic, but don’t be afraid of fitting accessories before you’ve even started! It’s always wise to call in professionals for larger, more technical jobs, but the more you can do yourself, the more you stand to save.

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