Accidents and Emergencies

Taking to the roads is normally a very safe way of getting around: stick to the speed limit, ensure your motorhome is well maintained and full of fuel and you won’t have any problems. However, accidents happen, sometimes they’re serious and sometimes they’re small, but if you’re involved you need to know how to deal with them. Here’s a quick guide on how to properly deal with an incident and to make sure you can leave the scene with all the information you need.

Injuries and Safety

Your first priority if involved in an accident is the safety of yourself and those around you. If you feel okay yourself, take a moment to assess if your passengers are injured. Avoid making any sudden movements with your neck as you may be suffering from whiplash, and if you think anyone is hurt then call an ambulance immediately: do not attempt to move anybody, you may just injure them more.

Other Road Users

Assuming everyone is, by and large, okay, you then need to assess the damage to your vehicle and to those around you. Talk to anyone else involved and ensure you take their name, phone number, registration plate and insurance details. Don’t be phased or put off by anyone who is trying to force you to accept responsibility for an accident: that is for the authorities and your motorhome insurance provider to decide.

Third Parties

Occasionally accidents involve third parties, perhaps a farmer who has had a fence damaged or retail unit. In this instance you need to own up and you need to let whoever it is know about the damage: if you don’t report a problem and it turns out to be your fault, it will cost you considerably more to repair it.

Although it’s easily said, a lot of these things will skip your mind in the event of an accident so if you remember nothing else, keep calm. If it helps, you may want to phone a partner or friend to help you get all the you need. Remember that accidents do happen and they’re not always anyone’s fault, so don’t jump to any conclusions, just keep cool.

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