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Motorhome Mattresses

Sleeping well is all a part the plan when it comes to going away, but so many motorhomes are fitted with poor mattresses that don’t provide enough support for the user. It’s true that you need to make some compromises when you’re travelling, but you don’t have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep! Here are a few pointers to consider when buying a mattress for your motorhome.

Concerns with Comfort

In the same way that you’d buy a mattress for your home, there are lots of different options for motorhome. Choose something that offers you the right level of support and be wary of cheaper options which claim to be ‘memory foam’. Often there is a small layer of memory foam which will actually make your bed more uncomfortable than an ordinary mattress.


If your motorhome sleeps seven or eight people then weight really needs to be a consideration. Upgrading to high quality but very heavy mattresses will certainly add a lot of weight to your vehicle which will affect the performance and handling of your motorhome. Find out what your mattress weights before purchasing it and try to opt for the lower end of the weight scale if you can.

Cost and Protection

Mattresses aren’t cheap, that’s for sure, so you want to ensure that you protect them. It’s a good idea to use mattress protectors which will ensure your mattresses don’t end up stained or damaged, because you’re unlikely to be able to claim for wear and tear on your motorhome insurance policy. Treat your mattresses like an investment and make sure they pay their way!

There are some many innovative designs and great companies which are helping campers improve the quality of their sleep, so check out some of the options and you may be surprised: you could find yourself wanting to spend more time in your motorhome than you ever thought possible!

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