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Ashbourne motorhome dealer creates own campervan

The great thing about motorhomes and campervans is that they come in all sorts of sizes and styles, so no matter what you are looking for you can find a vehicle that is right for you. However, at the same time many people are struggling to find the money to invest in a new vehicle, which means that when they do they will only buy one that has everything they want.

This can often put motorhome dealers in an awkward position, as in order to make the most sales possible they need a wide range of motorhomes and campervans in their showroom, but this is often costly and if they can’t sell certain vehicles they could face a loss. However, if they supply vehicles that customers have been asking after they could find themselves in a very lucrative position, such as the Peak Camper Vans company in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Recently, the company decided to create their own campervan by undertaking a forty thousand pound conversion on a VW Transporter Van. Owner Steve Parson said they decided to create the bespoke campervan after a number of customers asked him for a four berth vehicle that could be used for a range of motorhome holidays. Discussing the new campervan – dubbed the “Xplore” – Mr Parsons said: “We decided to build our own campervan after so many people requested it. Our aim with the VW Xplore is to create a four berth, multi-purpose vehicle that we would want to use with our own families for holidays and days out.”

Meanwhile, co-founder and director of Peak Camper Vans Richard Bentley said: “Forming Peak Camper Vans is the logical thing for Steve and I to do. Leisure time is more important than ever for people. We’ve seen an increase in people wanting a practical, comfortable, reliable and quality campervan to use with their families giving them the freedom to explore and make the most of their spare time. By building our own campervans, Steve and I can draw from our experience and give people exactly what they’ve been asking for.”

Even though bespoke motorhome and caravans are attractive to customers, they do often cost more to buy and cover with motorhome insurance. However, if it’s something you really love then it may be worth the investment!

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