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Preparing your motorhome for Glastonbury Festival

Wellington boots in a fieldIt’s one of the biggest and most well-known festivals of the year, and next Wednesday motorhome owners across the country will be flocking to Worthy Farm in Pilton for Glastonbury Festival. If you are lucky enough to have tickets to this fantastic event then you need to make sure you start preparing your motorhome now so that everything is in order before you head off. So here are some things you need to consider in advance so you can enjoy your weekend full of music, camping, fun and friends:

Check your Tickets

Glastonbury has strict rules when it comes to campervans and motorhomes as their licence only allows them to have people staying in vehicles in certain areas. This means that you are not allowed to park your motorhome in the car park and stay there, and organisers have arranged for patrols to be carried out every night to make sure people aren’t sleeping in their vehicles. Furthermore, when you bought your motorhome camping ticket you also needed to buy a ticket for the actual festival as well, otherwise you will not be permitted to stay in the caravan site. If you are unsure about your tickets then you need to check them now to make sure everything is in order!

Which types of vehicles are permitted?

Most motorhome owners will be making sure that their vehicles are spruced up and ready for the weekend, however every year there is always one that thinks a campervan is just a van with a mattress in it. Glastonbury organisers have clearly stated that this will not be acceptable, and they have gone on too add that if they think a person’s vehicle is not suitable then they will not be allowed access to the site. An acceptable campervan includes what they term “suitable fitted facilities” which means purpose-built sleeping facilities with either fitted washing or cooking facilities. The last thing they want is people staying in a dangerous vehicle that is not suited for the weekend!


If you have bought a pitch in the caravan site then you will also be able to bring a car if you wish as each pitch has room for a car either next to or in front of your vehicle. However, if you are just planning on bringing your motorhome you may want to use this room for relaxing outside of an evening, cooking, cleaning or just socialising! If there are a number of you staying in the same motorhome and you need to bring more than one car then you will have to buy an extra ticket for £25, and the second vehicle will have to be parked in the car park.


There are a number of facilities in the caravan parks at Glastonbury, including water, toilets, waste-water containers and food traders which will be open twenty four hours a day. Furthermore, organisers have ensured that steel shield fencing has been erected around the caravan site and that security guards will be patrolling the area on a constant basis. However, this doesn’t mean that you should become lax when it comes to keeping your vehicle or possessions safe during your time at the festival, as each year we have a number of motorhome insurance claims for damages that occur at these types of events. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no electricity available in the site and you will not be permitted to bring a generator – so make sure you bring plenty of lamps with you!

The Music

The best and most important part of Glastonbury is of course the music! There are dozens of stages at Glastonbury so if there are some artists you really want to see you need to check what time they are on otherwise you could find yourself stuck at the other side of the festival and miss it. You could also go and listen to something new, or visit the hundreds of different vendors and exhibitors across the site. No matter what you are into there is something for everyone at Glastonbury, just remember to stay safe and keep an eye on your personal possessions while you are enjoying the shows!

If you are heading to Glastonbury in your motorhome or campervan next week then make sure you visit our Facebook or Twitter pages and let us know your top tips and what you are looking forward to the most!

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