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Aspire 265 Gives Elddis Something to Live up to

Every year, as soon as the festive season finishes, it seems the national obsession is to book a holiday sometime during the next twelve months. Despite purse strings been tightened each year it seems the average person is still determined to make a family holiday an essential part of life.

A UK family will spend on average somewhere between £2,000 and £3,000 on a family package holiday. This is before the high surcharges to travel during the peak school holiday period. The family pets are also a costly dilemma and in addition to the upset of having to leave animals behind, it could also cost around £70 each week per pet to place them in kennels. Bearing this in mind, it is no surprise that more and more British families are discovering the freedom and appeal of hitting the road with a motorhome. It also means owners have the flexibility of being able to go away every weekend and take as many holidays per year as the mood takes.

It was with this market in mind that Elddis launched the Aspire 265. They listened to the increasing customer demand for a luxury family motorhome at an affordable price and firmly believe they have delivered the perfect solution. The Aspire 265 boasts a large fixed bed at the rear alongside a spacious bathroom. At the front there is an L-shaped lounge and a large stowaway dining table. It comes with easy clean fabric, LED multi-way lighting, memory foam mattress and tinted privacy glass. Air conditioning and cruise control will make any journey comfortable and there is a huge array of places to visit throughout the country. As long as owners have taken out motorhome insurance, they can load up the mobile home at the drop of a hat and take to the roads.

Chris Whitham, Elddis’ commercial director, said “This is a major opportunity for the discerning caravanner to own a high specification caravan at an affordable price and we are in a position to offer customers the quality of service they should expect, whether purchasing or servicing their Elddis product.”

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