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Attitudes harden on drink driving issue

Drivers with an interest in motorhome insurance were amongst those who provided a leading road safety organisation with a clear signal that drink drivers in the UK should be given more severe punishments.

The survey conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) polled over 2,000 of its members on the subject of drink driving and the message that came across was clear to all, drink driving should not be tolerated. Four out of five drivers would like to see the vehicles of persistent drink drivers confiscated and half of those questioned believe confiscation should be the penalty for anyone caught well over the limit, even if it is their first offence. Two out of three drivers would support a lowering of the limit to 50mg of alcohol per 100mls of blood even though 50% of those questioned admitted having a drink before driving, although they made sure they were under the threshold. One in four drivers would prefer a zero tolerance approach to drink driving.

It is clear that the great majority of drivers do not think the average sentence of a £240 fine and a 12 month driving ban is sufficient, with 57% saying they would want more stringent penalties and 38% saying they would want much tougher sentences.

Simon Best, Chief Executive of IAM, said “Not only do the majority want a lower limit – they also want tougher punishment for those that break the law, especially the worst offenders who present the greatest danger to other road users, their passengers and themselves. Our poll shows a desire to see more effective drink drive levels as well as much greater consistency of enforcement, prosecution, and sentencing, which reflects the level of danger associated with drinking drivers.”

The current drink driving limit in the UK stands at 80mg of alcohol per 100mls of blood, however, the limit is much lower in many European countries and may well be lowered in Scotland inside the next 12 months.

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