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Bailey Caravans reveals new Model

2013 has officially begun, and many motorhome and caravan owners are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of new models from leading manufacturers. Bailey Caravans has already unveiled what they hope to be one of their best-selling models of 2013 – the special edition Pegasus GT65 – which they are also hoping will soon become the ‘club class champion’ of caravans.

Like their previous model, the Unicorn II, the Pegasus GT65 includes a vertical skylight, which Caravan Times awarded its 2012 Innovation Award. On top of that, the new caravan has the same design as its predecessor with the front window split into three sections, the middle of which runs all the way to the roof. This vertical skylight not only gives the caravan a distinctive and modern look, but also lets a large amount of sunshine in, making the caravan seem even lighter. Bailey Caravans hope that this new model will appeal to those looking for a new mid-market caravan; however they also feel that as they have added so many extras usually not seen in this price range it could even prove popular to those looking for something even more luxurious.

There will be five different models available, ranging from two to six berths, and all will be equipped with new technology that will help combat the problems usually experienced whilst motoring. For example, all vehicles feature Bailey’s famous Alu-Tech body shell that is known for being both stronger and lighter than traditional materials used to construct caravans. Inside, the vehicle seems more spacious due to the inclusion of the vertical skylight, even though technically it’s slightly narrower than traditional caravans. The decoration includes the trademark Bailey Walnut finish and new furnishings such as curved cabinets and slate-effect worktops.

Bailey obviously understand many caravan owners’ concerns with safety, and therefore have included features that protect the vehicle, including an AKS 3004 stabiliser, shock absorbers, and a new high-security entrance lock and AL-KO Secure wheel lock to help prevent theft. Even with these new security measures it is still important for buyers to consider caravan insurance to make sure that they are covered for all eventualities whilst on the road.

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