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Bailey Cuts Free Warranty by 40%

Motorhome manufacturers Bailey have shocked motorhome and camping fans all over the UK with the withdrawal of their 10 year bodyshell integrity warranty on their motorhomes and caravans.

Although already well established as manufacturers of caravans it was only in 2011 that Bailey started manufacturing motorhomes, and there is no doubt that the generous warranty offer persuaded prospective buyers to get a tentative quote for motorhome insurance on one of their new models. The Bailey warranty was the first in the business to offer such a lengthy free option and there is no doubt that competitors had to raise their game to match the Bailey promise. Within weeks, camping enthusiasts found 10 year free warranties available from many other manufacturers.

The company used the same Alu-Tech construction for the bodywork of their motorhomes that are successfully used on their caravans. The Approach range of motorhomes was launched with the promise of great things. The warranty is still available but since the end of February it comes with a price tag. Owners will now have to pay £189 for the first year and £229 for every subsequent year, which is quite a substantial difference.

A spokesman for Bailey said: “The company took the decision to maintain our current, very competitive pricing structure and to offset recent increases in raw material and component. After completing a review of our overall motorhome sales package it has been decided that we will only offer a six-year bodyshell integrity guarantee as standard with the cost option to extend to 10 years.”

The company pointed out that the extension period will be fully transferable, in the same way as the free standard option, when owners decide to sell.

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