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Bigfoot blamed for trashing a motorhome

Motorhome insurance providers in the United States are likely to be presented with a highly unusual claim in the next few days if the motorhome owner who suffered damage to his vehicle from a rock throwing incident sticks to his story about who was responsible.

John Reed, a resident of Lykens, Pennsylvania and a member of the Lykens Valley Sasquatch Hunters (LVSH), told police officers in his home town that damage caused to his motorhome last Friday night was caused by the legendary but elusive creature Bigfoot! He told State Troopers that although he only caught a glimpse of the vandal who caused the damage he was convinced it was the mythical ape.

In fact Sasquatch is a local name for Bigfoot and Mr Reed’s connection with the LVSH is bound to raise a few eyebrows. Modern day scientists discount the existence of the North American ape and consider Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore perpetuated by hoaxers rather than a living animal.

Whoever it was certainly caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. The 1973 Winnebago had windows and tail-lights smashed in the incident and Mr Reed supposedly told troopers: “It wasn’t a person. I didn’t see any clothes or coat or anything like that and I don’t think it was a bear. It didn’t move like a bear.”

The incident has caused some amusement in the town and District Attorney Edward Marsico Junior confirmed the authorities would prosecute Bigfoot if only they could catch him. He said: “We have been searching for him for years. We would be glad to prosecute, assuming the elusive thing is captured.”

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