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Booking Campsites

Sure, there are plenty of campervan and motorhome owners who like to see where the road takes them and pull into a campsite, or over by the side of the road, when the moment feels right. However, there is a different school of thought which says that, really, the best thing to do is to book in advance. The choice is, of course, yours but here’s a few reasons why you might want to think about planning ahead.

Maximise Your Time

We’ve all been there: it’s getting dark, everyone’s getting a little hungry and the last two campsites you tried were full. By booking ahead you can maximise the time you spend enjoying your holiday – you can just turn up and there’s a pitch reserved for you. By wasting less time looking for places to stay you can make sure you do the things you want to do on holiday.

Take Advantage of Discounts

A lot of campsites offer discounts for four or five night stays (or possibly longer) so shop around and make sure you can maximise these discounts. Even a saving of ten percent might buy you a round of ice-creams! Even if a specific campsite doesn’t offer a long-stay discount it’s worth enquiring; especially if you’re looking at staying over a week.

Plan Your Route

It does reduce the chances of you finding somewhere one off and surprising but being able to plan a route is really helpful. It’s much easier to calculate costs if you know what you’re doing, you can do thinks like book restaurants or find supermarkets before you leave and you make sure that you stay within the area which your motorhome insurance covers. Plus, you can have a look at the site before you leave and you can make sure it’s up to standard!

Booking particular campsites in advance is not for everyone but you can certainly benefit from thinking ahead. Take advantage of discounts, look for the best places to stay and then look forward to your trip!

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