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Bristol Hotel plans to rent out Caravans on Rooftop

Most of the time those that go to Bristol to stay in caravans stay at a campsite or in an open field; however one company has introduced a novel way to go on a caravan holiday. As of this autumn the Brooks Guesthouse in Bristol city centre are planning on renting out caravans that are based on the rooftop of their bed and breakfast.

Those that want to go on a less conventional caravanning holiday will be able to stay in one of four nineteen-fifties style Airstream caravans looking over the St Nicholas Market, and also enjoy the luxury of staying at a bed and breakfast at the same time. The owners of the guesthouse, Andrew and Carla Brooks, took over the former backpacker’s hostel two years ago and transformed it into an upmarket bed and breakfast which is now one of the city’s most popular locations for visitors.

Mrs Brooks discussed how she came up with the idea, saying “I have always been a big fan of the 1950s and Americana and these caravans are very much part of that style. A few years ago I was considering setting up a company importing the Airstreams into the UK but for some reason I never really got round to it. I recently went to visit my sister in Cape Town and there was a hotel with them on the roof and I thought what a great idea.”

For those that have always wanted to stay in a caravan but have no idea about how to rent one out or organise caravan insurance could use this opportunity to see the benefits of staying in a caravan for a few nights. The caravans have also been renovated so that they are as modern and comfortable as possible and local artists have been commissioned to decorate the caravans and the surrounding roof area.

Mr Brooks said of the idea “I guess the caravans will sum up the spirit of the area, which is slightly quirky and a little bit different, but there is also this great sense of fun about the market and the area. We are really proud of the project because there is no other hotel in the UK which has this so it is something that will be completely unique to Bristol.”

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