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Buying a Converted Campervan

Campers and campervan owners are normally people who love the freedom of being able to go where they like and do as they please without having to worry about relying on hotels or restaurants for basic amenities. Of course, that desire for freedom often transfers as a character trait, and it’s no surprise that campervan owners also want to let their imagination run wild when it comes to their vehicles. However, not all of us are mechanically inclined and conversions are just not a realistic option. But, even if you’re not up to building your dream campervan there is another possibility: why not buy a conversion?

Finding the Right Specification

When buying a conversion you will need to take real interest in the specification available to you. Many converters will not have just changed the layout, but will have fiddled with the engine, the radiators and the electrics. Don’t go buying a campervan fitted with a 4.0l V8 engine if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. You’ll find it difficult to handle and dangerous to drive.

Every Buy is Different

Equally, the danger you have when buying a readily converted motorhome is that each and every vehicle will be different. Different converters will have done different things and just because a campervan was once a stock 1980s VW, it doesn’t mean it is anymore. Thankfully converters are especially good at keeping records of what they’ve done and so usually it’s easy to track what you’re buying.

Think Practically

The appeal of a top-notch customised camper is considerable but there does need to be a degree of sense applied when buying. If you’re a young driver looking to buy a campervan with not much weight and an enormous engine you may very well struggle to find campervan insurance at much less than the price of your vehicle. It’s definitely worth getting a quote before you buy.

If you can find the right conversion for sale then it can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to find something great. It does mean you’ll end up doing a lot of research and spending a lot of time costing things up, but for a lifetime of campervan happiness it’s got to be worth it!

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