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Campaign to improve eye testing launched by insurance group

A leading motorhome insurance provider has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers poor eyesight can present to motorists.

A report commissioned by the RSA group found that poor vision was a contributing factor in accidents on UK roads that led to almost 3000 casualties. The cost to the insurance industry is estimated at something in the region £33 million and the report concludes that eye tests for drivers must become more stringent if things are to improve.

The RSA has kick started the Fit to Drive campaign on the back of the report and went to Westminster earlier this week to get the support of MPs. MPs present were asked to sign the Fit to Drive pledge which states: “I have signed RSA’s Fit to Drive pledge to show my support for this important campaign, and will be urging my colleagues in Parliament to do the same.” The pledge was signed by several MPs on the day and RSA believe support at Westminster is crucial for a campaign that needs the Department for Transport to make changes to the driving test.

The main aims of the campaign include the current number plate test to be scrapped, as it does not provide an accurate assessment of a driver’s vision. For all learner drivers to have their vision tested by a qualified professional prior to applying for a provisional driving licence and eye tests to be mandatory every ten years, linked to driving licence renewal; with drivers encouraged to voluntarily have their eyes tested every two years (in line with NHS recommendations).

The campaign has received the support of many motoring organisations already but motorhome owners should not wait for the campaign to achieve its aims before having their eyes checked on a regular basis. It makes good driving sense to know your physical capabilities and it may save someone’s life, and maybe your own.

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