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Campervan Company May have to Move Home

Campervan owners in North Berwick may have to look further afield for a custom finish to their vehicles in future as a local conversion company finds its current location under threat.

For years motorhome enthusiasts in East Lothian, keen to put their individual stamp on their vehicle, have contracted Jerba Conversions to do the job. Owner Simon Poole has ensured the revamp has been done correctly and even advised customers on whether their campervan insurance would need updating after the work had been done. Situated in the old Ben Sayers factory on Tantallon Road the company has gone from strength to strength but a new change of development guidelines for the little used site means the company may have to make way for affordable housing.

A development proposal would see the north and west of the building, at the Heugh Road Industrial Estate, replaced by 100 per cent affordable houses. While the other side of the building would be dedicated to small business units, this could leave the campervan firm homeless. As the inclusion of housing at a site zoned for business use contravened the East Lothian Local Plan 2008, councillors need to approve a change in the development guidelines for the site.

It is expected Jerba Conversions and a nearby youth facility will have to move if the site is redeveloped. Most councillors are keen to see Jerba Conversions stay in existence with one councillor saying: “In the case of both these businesses I would trust efforts would be made to ensure they could be relocated somewhere appropriate to allow them to continue. In both cases these businesses have brought employment to that area of North Berwick and are also providing good services.”

Owner Simon Poole says he is in full support of the old building being demolished if the council find Jerba Conversions a new home. The campervan business must now wait and see what happens at the next council meeting.

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