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Campervan enthusiasts can cash in on surfers tour

One of the world’s most famous surfers has teamed up with Ireland’s largest campervan hire company in a partnership that will help him find the biggest waves this side of the Atlantic to test his skills.

The partnership will allow Al Mennie to promote surfing in Ireland and the UK and at the same time promote the campervan hire company. Fresh from surfing a world record 90 foot wave in Portugal, Mennie is sure he can find big waves in Ireland and the UK and can’t wait to get started. He will tour in a Bunk Campers Ranger, renowned all over the world for being ideally suited for wave runners and surfers.

The genial giant, he is almost 2 metres tall, said: “I’m going to be on the road a lot this winter so having Bunk on board is a perfect fit as I can get all my boards and gear in the Bunk van and stay in it comfortably too. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years sleeping in my own van with boards everywhere and freezing cold. Having Bunk on board makes life much easier when chasing huge surf in the middle of winter.”

There is a bonus in the partnership for other campervan fans from the UK as well. Any travellers wishing to hire a campervan from Bunk Campers have only to mention the word “surf” in their enquiry and they will get a 5% discount. The cash will obviously come in handy and will probably cover their campervan insurance for the period of their holiday. Donegal and the other West Coast counties are proving a great attraction to both motor home enthusiasts and surfers at the moment with both types of adventurers always on the lookout for new horizons.

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