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Campervan Rallies

Blue campervan on roadIf you’ve been a campervan owner for a little time now, you’re sure to have come across some other campers who are as enthusiastic as you about your motor and it’s great when people get together and share ideas about builds, models and trips. Across the UK every year, people get together in rallies to do just that!

First Time Rallies

Often people are a little nervous about attending their first rally and often it’s difficult knowing whether you’ll fit in. All you need to remember, though, is that the campervan community is one of the friendliest in the country and if you’re enthusiastic, outgoing and happy to share your ideas then you’ll definitely find a group that is right for you.

Finding the Right Rally

There are plenty of rallies that are for owners of specific models or brands – there are plenty of VW clubs that meet on a fairly regular basis. However, if you can’t find one that is right for you, try to find a show that is open to all. You might have to travel a little way, but often festivals and things like steam fairs have sections for campervan owners so there’s no excuse not to get involved!

Practical Rallying

It’s a good idea to set off early for a rally, you can’t imagine the numbers that turn up to some of the larger events and, of course, that causes traffic! Plan in advance if you’re looking to camp near the event as, undoubtedly, there will be a lot of people with the same idea as you! Equally, make sure your campervan insurance covers you appropriately: if you plan to indulge in any displays or racing of any sort which can happen at these rallies then do make sure you’re insured.

Rallies are the best way to get to know members of the campervan community and they’re a great way to spend a weekend. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely worth a try so get out and give it a go!

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