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Campsite Flooding in Wales


There was nowhere to hide from the driving rain and winds this weekend but some parts of the country were hit worse than others. A lifeboat crew were called in Aberystwyth over the weekend when a campsite flooded up to 2ft in water after a nearby river burst its banks. Thankfully everybody was safely evacuated but there was severe damage to a lot of caravans, campervans and motorhomes.

The Risk of Flooding

Flooding is always a risk if you’re camping near to rivers or the sea, but only likely after extremely heavy rainfall like we saw last weekend. Sites with poor drainage like those in valleys or built upon saturated ground will suffer most with high rainfall but it does take an event like a river bursting lot for a whole site to really flood.

Taking Early Precautions

With floods on the way, many campers in Wales decided they would call their trips a day early and move on. If there are severe rains forecast and you can already see riverbanks at their limits or perhaps patchy puddles appearing on fields then it might be time to seek some advice and, potentially, move on. Flooding can completely write off a motorhome if it gets into the engine and living quarters so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Keeping Covered

It’s important around this time of year to check your motorhome insurance policy and to be sure you’re covered in case of flooding. Some policies will charge you a severe excess if your motorhome is damaged by flood, so if you’re going to an area where there is a real risk, make sure your policy backs you up.

With any luck we’ll be out of this bad weather spell soon and we’ll be thinking more about the risk of sunburn, heatstroke and overeating at barbecues, but until then keep safe and keep an eye on the forecast.

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