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Caravan and motorhome site plan has been rejected

Residents of Gateside in Fife are celebrating after plans to have a caravan and motorhome park in the heart of the village were decisively rejected by members of the North East Fife Area Committee.

The committee unanimously refused the application to turn an area of farmland into a fifty pitch site four both caravans and motorhomes. The proposal had sparked a storm of protest from residents, prompting fifty objections by letter and a petition signed by more than 100 of the village’s 250-strong population. Despite the strength of local feeling, the local council planning officials had recommended approval of the plans that would have seen mobile homes that are protected with motorhome insurance descend on the village for ten months of the year. However, the local authority’s transportation services were against the idea due to concerns about the access to the campsites main road, which has for many years been notorious for speeding drivers and the road has had many accidents.

Council Planning Officer, Mary Stewart, said “The applicant has not been able to show that there is a clear demand for a caravan and motorhome site in Gateside, but they did provide evidence that it would boost local tourism. I am aware of the concerns about the impact of the proposed development would have on the village and the road safety issue, but on balance we feel it is appropriate to approve the application.”

However, despite the council backing the plan, none of the arguments in favour were enough to convince the committee, and the application was opposed. There are three other campsites within ten miles of the proposed site and residents are adamant that there is no need for another. The villagers are delighted with the decision and they hope this will be the end of it.

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