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Caravan Park is granted permission to open for eleven months of the year

A Northumberland caravan park has been given the go ahead to open for eleven months each year despite concerns raised by several local councillors. Although the objections were voiced at a local planning meeting, Northumberland County Council’s North Area Planning Committee was unanimous in their approval for the changes.

Councillors were concerned that the changes to the Honeysuckle Cottage Caravan Park in Widdrington were designed to accommodate nearby workers, rather than holiday makers who would bring their caravan or motorhome to the park. They argued that it was highly unlikely that anyone would choose to go on holiday in a caravan or motorhome in the harsh winter months. The park will now only be closed during December and the park did not have any conditions which prevented it from having its new season limited exclusively to holidaymakers.

The new eleven month opening period follows national guidelines which have been designed to prevent a caravan park becoming a permanent home. One local councillor was against the proposals because the park had previously ignored the restrictions set, and by allowing them a longer season would mean that they were being rewarded for flouting the rules.

Honeysuckle Cottage Caravan Park is a fifteen pitch park which has hot shower facilities as well as a children’s playground. There is space for tents, caravans and motorhomes. People who own a motorhome and protect it with motor home insurance have already booked for the extra months the park will be open and they are delighted that they can stay on the site for longer periods.

Commenting on this, Councillor Trevor Thorne said: “I’m aware of many caravan operators in Northumberland that have this eleven month rule so that they don’t become permanent dwellings as they have to vacate for one month. This brings Honeysuckle Cottage Caravan Park up to speed with other caravan parks in Northumberland.”

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