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Caravans left Teetering over the edge of a Cliff in Wales

The importance in having proper caravan insurance has never been more imperative recently, especially if you count the amount of caravans and caravan parks that have been destroyed over the past few months. Wales has especially suffered with the weather, with many fields and roads blocked meaning that many motorhome or caravan owners have found themselves stranded or have had to claim on their caravan insurance due to damage.

However, a caravan site in the Vale of Glamorgan called Porthkerry Caravan Park has not just suffered from the weather but also from a huge landslide in the area which has left fifteen of their caravans teetering over the edge of a cliff. The owner, Sally Edwards, has already invested one million pounds in monitoring and maintaining the coastline so that she doesn’t entirely lose all of her caravans, however she does admit that it is a struggle as you cannot predict when the landslides will happen or how large they will be.

She said: “When you’re on the coastline you’re aware of erosion. But you’ve got that buffer of a large expanse of land and you expect bits to chop off with the weather and elements, and the cold and hot, but you don’t expect that. And I don’t know if anyone can give you that sort of heads up. I just don’t know if that’s possible.” On the 31st of October in 2011 a huge landslide caused thirty four thousand tonnes of the rock to fall from the cliff and onto the beach below – a danger not only for those staying in the campsite but also for those walking along the beach.

The cost of repairs to the coastline and the caravan park is so much that the value of the company has recently been slashed by two hundred and fifty thousand pounds. Edwards said: “We’d actually had a value of the business a couple of months before we lost the cliff edge. We had the same valuer back after the cliff collapse and we’d actually been devalued by a quarter of a million – straight off the bat.”

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