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Care Clinic Extension Proves Hard Medicine to Take for Locals

Mobile home owners with an interest in campervan insurance will find parking more difficult to come by in the future if a mobile health care clinic gets permission to extend its operations in the middle of a Lancashire town.

An application to extend the use of a care clinic in the Union Street car park in the middle of Rochdale town centre has upset traders and shoppers alike. If successful the application will see the care clinic take up all 60 spaces in the car park for six days a fortnight until the end of 2016. Traders say their customers will go elsewhere if they cannot park close by and the care centre would serve the town better if it was nearer the local hospital.

Marjorie Thompson owns one of the shops in nearby Chatham Street and said: “It is a disgrace. We are trying our best to run a business. It is hard enough trading at the moment without taking away our parking spaces. When the clinic is here, trading does suffer. A lot of my customers have come in and told me they have not been able to park. Convenient and accessible parking is a must for any town centre and withdrawing so many spaces at the top end of Yorkshire Street would be a disastrous move and all the evidence gathered so far shows a decline in sales when Care UK have taken over the car park.”

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk supports the traders and hopes a solution can be found but Care UK insist they cannot leave the plot because they are committed to completing a contract with the Department of Health that runs until 2016. The car park is also used as a meeting place for a local campervan society who will now have to work around the health clinics operation. Jim Dunne who organises the club said: “The car park has always been an unofficial meet up but is very handy, the roads around the car park are all double yellow areas so we cannot chance parking on those. It’s a pity but we will have to find somewhere else.”

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